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People Die In Sacrilegious "Sweat Lodge"

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Post People Die In Sacrilegious "Sweat Lodge" 
Hanh mitakuyapi / Hello my relatives. There have been reports in the news of late about some New Age "spiritual guru" / idiot who has been selling sacred ceremony access ($9,000 a pop!) & recently had people fasting for 5 days, then took them - about 60 in all - into a gigantic so-called 'sweat lodge', where 3 people died & at least another 15 have been hospitalized for varying lengths of time, in varying degrees of serious condition.
  Let's get something straight about Traditional Indigenous Ceremonies so anyone who thinks this is a 'tragedy' learns our truths about the situation: (1) NO ONE should ever run a 'sweat lodge ceremony' unless s/he has been properly trained.  That means s/he has properly Sun Danced. That means s/he made a proper obaghi (sacred commitment, this is no hobby or experiential exercise) & followed through the entire 4 years sequentially. (2) Whoever runs such a ceremony carries the souls of everyone associated with that ceremoney for a prescribed length of time. Thus the souls of the people who sickened &/or died in this caricature of our Ceremonies are now permanently attached to this sacrilegious guy who charged money for his so-called ceremonies & "spiritual experiential shindig". The name by which he called it is irrelevant; it's still sacrilege on the part of him & all the suckers who bought a ticket. The spirits do not differentiate often in these matters. (3) The taboos this jerk broke in the reports I have read are numerous. He not only sold access to sacred ceremonies, is not properly trained to run such ceremonies, is arrogant & defiant of Traditions that exist because the Spirits blessed us with them, has refused to assume responsibility for his acts (which will result in lots more trouble in this situation), had people fast for more than 4 days (flat out stupid in addition to arrogant), refused to honor calls from participants to open the door, had too many people in a group (there are prescribed limits in our Ways), & is now trying to wriggle out of his responsibilities in the matter by hiring his own investigators. There may be more..
Waste no time or energy on this idiot & all those suckers who bought tickets to this sacrilege - the spirits see no innocent victims here; that is my Job to know & see, & it is so. And then don't you go waltzing along into a similar situation if you value your peace & quiet & health. The spirits know the purity of everyone's heart better than any mere human ever will.
These truths have been posted various places, including in the whiteman's books, for decades.  Over a century, in fact. There is neither excuse nor reason for being there.
For those who honestly want to know about 'payment' - the supplicant gifts the person who leads such ceremonies. Gifts come from your heart, by definition. If someone names a price or insists on an amount of payment or a kind of payment, the ceremony is suspect. It is common sense & courtesy (ie, shows respect) to pay for fuel to get to & from the ceremony if the leader must travel. The same goes for food & motel if the distance is far. Because the amount of energy expended by any spiritual leader in doing ceremony is considerable, & because said leader carries your soul for a period of time, you should gift him/her according to how grateful you feel.  Given that your soul is involved, it should be considerable, & obviously so. These days, with way too much 'special effects', people don't seem to 'get' that, so I speak of it here. I once had someone do ceremony & gave my entire pay check to cover it, & it wasn't enough, physically. But because it was my entire pay check, it was enough spiritually, apparently, because the spirits granted my petition & then gave Grandpa & his helpers (who you are also supposed to gift "considerably", for their efforts in the total effort) plenty to get home with. I agonized over it.  Have any of you, who have had ceremony done? These days, most people thrust tobacco at us & assume that's plenty to cover our needs.  Try paying for gasoline or food or a room with tobacco & see if it is. Just because we intercede with the Spirits doesn't mean we don't have the same basic needs you do!
It is my hope that this posting will be spread around & that maybe you New Age starry-eyeds will quit trying to buy / sell access to sacred ceremonies & Entities (Pipes,drums, etc., etc.) Power tripping always trips up the power tripper. Ben Franklin did not 'play' with lightning, remember. This is a parallel situation. Hechetu ye chtoh! / Most emphatically 'enough said on this'. Or so I pray.


What have you done today to help heal the Sacred Hoop of the world, of which you, too, are a part?
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Post Re: People Die In Sacrilegious "Sweat Lodge" 
Hello Pahinh Winh

Thank you for giving insights into the meaning of ceremonies and the dangers they are connected with if the ceremonies are practiced by unqualified persons.

You are asking: "What have you done today to help heal the Sacred Hoop of the world, of which you, too, are a part?"

Well, today we busted the city of a small town in Germany,  I think it has been a small contribution to heal the sacred Hoop of the world.

In my opinion the healing power of Orgonite is much bigger than i can imagine at this moment. There are so many positive aspects of Orgone energy that i come to the conclusion that orgonite is the best medicine we ever got. Orgonite is very simple and very cheap. Every man and woman around the whole world can produce it by mixing simple metal shavings a crystal and resin.

You need no special training that ist taking many years to make orgonite.
Every person of every culture can do this no matter which religion or believing system this person belongs to.
You do not have to follow any tradition to make orgonite and to gift the area you are living in and there is nothing you can do wrong when you are gifting your environment.
The only thing you have to attend is, that you have to open all windows when you are mixing the resin inside your room. Wink

That's fantastic, isn't it?

I think, that Orgonite is the most powerful and simpliest medicine we have ever got.


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Post Re: People Die In Sacrilegious "Sweat Lodge" 
Beautiful.  Orgonite is indeed potent, powerful yet genuinely subtle.  I think that the true exits from the matrix are discovered by the individual.  From my experience all the "mass exit" New Age etc methods of exiting the matrix are simply traps in discuise.  Like in the movie The Truman show with Jim Carey.  He finds the "exit door from the matrix" on his own by listening to his true inner promptings and the subtle hints eminating from the love and eyes of a genuine woman's HEART.  Through this he realizes his reality that he grew up in is a fraud.

Orgonite can indeed assist with this.  I feel very blessed to have come across it on my path.

All the best...Hong Kong John