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Depopulation and HIV

by Jon Rappoport
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The Depopulation Agenda (19 February 2003)
Depopulation and HIV (20 February 2003)
We Had to Discredit Peter Duesberg (21 February 2003)
More on the AIDS Scam (26 February 2003)
AIDS as an Attack on the Male Gay Community (12 March 2003)

The Depopulation Agenda (19 February 2003)

From a round-up of my best intelligence sources, and from my own 15 years of research the subject is depopulation.

A third of Africa to go under in the first long phase, which is underway now. AIDS and other diseases will be the COVER STORY for the decimation. The real causes will be starvation, contaminated water (which has existed for a long time), toxic vaccines given to people who are already immune-suppressed, wars, and of course, stolen farmland.

Many reports of rural villages disappearing this will be laid at the doorstep of AIDS. It already is. This is a cover story. This is a lie. HIV, as detailed in my past stories, causes nothing. It is basically a dormant retrovirus, like many others of its class. Its "amazingly intricate" activity in the body is a made-up piece of non-science.

The day after my 1988 book, AIDS INC., hit the shelves, a copy was on its way out of California to Moscow in a diplomatic pouch. It was sent by an agent of the USSR who was operating under diplomatic cover here.

This fact was relayed to me by one of my major sources for the book. He said, "Won't they be surprised when they actually read it."

What he meant was, the Russians at the time were fronting the theory, developed by East German biologist, Jakob Segal, that HIV was a lethal germ engineered in Maryland. A biowar US creation.

My book instead proved that HIV wherever it came from was a harmless retrovirus that was being used as a cover story to explain/conceal an emerging depopulation operation in the Third World. HIV was also a cover for other agendas outside the Third World.

As long as AIDS is the target of WHO/UN "humanitarian" efforts, the actual causes which are easily reversible of death in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are allowed to remain and fester and expand.

Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa, has been a major thorn in the side of the depopulationists. He knows that HIV does not cause human disease. He knows that the front-line drugs for AIDS, especially AZT, attack the bone marrow, where certain cells of the immune system are manufactured. Thus CREATING what is called AIDS through pharmaceutical means. In particular, giving AZT to pregnant mothers is a major goal of the depopulation effort.

Mbeki understands that the causes of death in the Third World I have mentioned above are killing Africa. However, he continues to ask for outside help to alleviate these ravages. There is no chance he will get this help. ZERO.

Mbeki is being contained, to a degree, in his attempts to form a real coalition of leaders all over the African continent. MONEY is the weapon being used against him. Payoffs, "aid", dollars, and so on.

Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier and other retrovirologists were languishing at the end of the 1970s at the National Cancer Institute and the Pasteur Institute, respectively. They had just finished their work on the doomed Viral Cancer Project, which was a failed attempt to show that cancer was caused by one or more viruses in particular, a newly discovered class of germs called retroviruses. These scientists had cut their teeth on these somewhat exotic but unimportant germs. That was what they knew. They were fishing around for a new disease that could bring them government dollars.

They were SET UP to become the new tigers who would get major research money to explore an emerging phenomenon called AIDS.

HIV was, in their hands, destined to become the COVER STORY for death that actually was occurring for MULTIPLE REASONS.

So Montagnier and Gallo did "discover" HIV and the rest is history false history.

I apprised the East German biologist Jakob Segal, via mail, that his theory about HIV was way off base. In the sense that it was not causing human disease. If it was indeed a biowar creation, it was a failure.

Either my letter was intercepted, or he ignored it because he had his own agenda. He had answered a previous letter of mine which had asked direct questions about his work but when I blew the whistle, he fell silent.

Meanwhile, I had interested author and environmentalist Jeremy Rifkin in HIV. For a time before I discovered the truth I was exploring the possibility that HIV had been put together from bovine and sheep viruses and Rifkin was very hot on the bovine factor because there was a chance that HIV or some bovine germ close to it was in smallpox vaccine. If so, it potentially implicated the vaccine in millions of deaths in the Third World.

But then I dug deeper. I found out that NOTHING strange or exotic needed to be in the vaccine. All by itself it could kill people. Particularly those whose immune systems were suppressed already. And then I examined very closely the medical evidence that had been advanced by Gallo and others to prove that HIV was the cause of what was being called AIDS. I realized, in 1987, that this evidence was non-existent.

I pointed out these two discoveries to Rifkin. He was not pleased. I think he felt a little betrayed, because I had been feeding him much different information before I saw the deeper truth. And Rifkin was basically pointing himself toward a theory that irresponsible medical germ machination itself was implicated in AIDS. He felt that tinkering with germs in labs was where the real action was. I told him the Plot was more insidious than that, and HIV was really a cover story for the depopulation agenda. He soon abandoned his AIDS project.

During this period (1987-88), I met a member of the secret service of one of the African nations "most afflicted with AIDS". This man was basically loyal to his people, and he felt that a gigantic hoax was being perpetrated. At some risk to himself, he spoke to me about various doctors who had come to his family and told them that AIDS research was being done in order to prove that so-called Slim Disease at that time the African label for AIDS was the result of HIV. These doctors were amazed that such obviously false research was being accepted. In particular, they cited Lancet, the famous British medical journal, as the publisher of some of this research.

I then did my own examination of a key paper by Serwadda which attempted to establish Slim as a new and emerging phenomenon on the African continent. The paper was so full of unsupported statements, so rife with omissions, that I concluded Slim was basically a diversionary label for: starvation, dirty water, stolen land, and immunosuppressive vaccines.

At bottom, why all this false science? Because someone needed a cover story to conceal a persistent and intentionally unsolved situation in Africa that was causing death according to a plan to depopulate the continent.







Depopulation and HIV (20 February 2003)

In 1987, I became re-acquainted with a man who calls himself

Ellis Medavoy  [pseudonym]. He has since retired from his contract work as a propaganda consultant.

Medavoy supplied me with several contact numbers and a small pile of documents. Using these, I convinced myself that he was entirely legitimate. That he in fact was working on AIDS, and in a very curious way.

His job was to influence the press in the direction of completely accepting mainstream research on the subject of HIV. By 1987, this was not what you would call hard work. But he had been at it since 1982 when all sorts of theories about AIDS abounded in the press and in the specialized medical literature.

Medavoy had been retained by "individuals who were part of the Council on Foreign Relations and the British Roundtable but were not acting as official representatives of those groups."

In 1983, a year before HIV (aka HTLV-III) was announced to the world as the official cause of AIDS, Medavoy knew that Robert Gallo would be the messenger for "some kind of retrovirus that would be said to be the driving force behind a global plague."

Medavoy had several tasks before him. The first one was to soften up reporters so they would be receptive to the idea that a virus was the cause of AIDS. Essentially, Medavoy had access to certain key sources that these reporters often used for medical stories.

His job was to convince these sources that "the inside word was" a retrovirus. A retrovirus was causing AIDS. Then these sources would pass that word along to reporters.

Medavoy, of course, already knew these reporters' "reliable sources." He had been cultivating them for years, in a variety of contexts. They trusted him.

And why not? He seemed to be right on the money time and time again. What he told these sources would happen did happen. And when the sources passed down Medavoy's advance wisdom to their reporter friends, the reporters were all too happy to get this prized info.

That was how Medavoy worked. He was not alone, of course. There were others like him, and others working on the AIDS issue. Medavoy's bosses considered AIDS a very big deal. It had to be positioned correctly. It had to be thought of in a certain way, so that it could be used as a smokescreen, a lie, to conceal the depopulation agenda that had been underway for a long time in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

"When I got this assignment," Medavoy told me, "I knew I was in some very important territory. The world was going to be told a lie, and they were supposed to believe that lie. Civilians, doctors, researchers, politicians they all had to swallow the propaganda."

And what was the central piece of propaganda?

That HIV was the cause of AIDS.

Medavoy continued, "There were things that the public had to be shielded from, too. Under no circumstances could they get the notion that AIDS was really many different conditions. That was a supreme no-no. The medical journals, as well, had to refrain from picking up that tune. AIDS had to be thought of as ONE disease condition the destruction of the immune system which was happening solely because a germ, HIV, was attacking cells of the immune system."

Medavoy understood all of this at least a year before Robert Gallo would tell the world on television that HIV (HTLV-III) was the cause of AIDS.

So Medavoy began to plant the seed.

He began to meet with people (some of them doctors and researchers), and he told them that they could count on the fact that a virus would be found, a virus which was causing AIDS. He told them he had the word from deep inside the major research institutes around the world that were working on the problem. He told them they would be "in no trouble" if they started telling reporters who relied on them that it would be a virus and a particular kind of virus, a retrovirus.

Medavoy told these people who were in turn reliable sources for reporters that Robert Gallo was surely the man who would win the race to find the cause of AIDS. Gallo was the one to keep their eyes on.

Medavoy told me, "Gallo himself was not in on this gigantic hoax. He would steal the germ from Montagnier and call it his own, but that was just theft. Gallo was just a pawn. He was a man who wanted desperately to find a retrovirus as the cause of AIDS, just as he had been a man who desperately wanted to find a retrovirus as the cause of cancer. He had learned this new field of exploration retroviruses and it was his only real ticket to fame. He was riding that pony for all it was worth, and the federal money, such as it was in those days, was mainly coming to him and his colleagues at the National Cancer Institute."

Gallo had been selected to be the "HIV messenger" because it was clear he would do whatever it took to finally say, "I found it!" Even if he had not found it. Even if the evidence was missing. (As I've written before at the time, in the spring of 1984, when Gallo told the world he had found the cause of AIDS, he had not published a single paper that even purported to seriously prove that HIV was the cause of AIDS.)

Gallo wouldn't disappoint the planners of this scam. He would deliver the goods. And he did.

And then Medavoy was riding high. All his predictions had come true. What he told these "reliable sources," who in turn passed that information along to reporters, had been exact. AIDS was announced to be a condition caused by a single retrovirus.

Job of lying well done.

Lie accepted.


Well, almost.

There were a few disgruntled scientists who fully realized that Gallo had never offered proof that HIV caused AIDS, but they were keeping their mouths shut. They could see the weather shift overnight in the spring of 1984. There was no more federal money for looking into the cause of AIDS, or for confirming or disproving Gallo. It had evaporated in hours. Suddenly, all federal funds were earmarked for discovering how HIV caused AIDS, what it actually did inside the body.

I once asked Medavoy, "Did you yourself know what AIDS really was?"

He laughed. "Of course I did. I had to know. I needed that information so I could develop the necessary propaganda to counter it."

"And what was your understanding of what AIDS is?"

"You should know," he said. "You've been writing about it."

Here is what he meant, and what I confirmed with him point by point: AIDS is a label given to a whole variety of disease conditions THAT ARE CAUSED BY DIFFERENT THINGS. Not HIV. Not HIV in any way, direct or indirect. What is called AIDS is immune suppression. This immune suppression can result from different causes in different groups and, ultimately, in different individuals. Some of the many causes contaminated heroin, medical drugs (such as corticosteroids), starvation, contaminated water supplies, toxic pesticides, intestinal parasites grossly overtreated with massive doses of antibiotics, syphilis, massive drug taking, say, in the form of MDA combined with months of bathhouse sex with many partners, vaccines given to people whose immune systems are already dangerously compromised. There are other causes.

Medavoy's propaganda work was aimed, in particular, at masking the continuing causes of death on the African continent starvation, contaminated water supplies, theft of agricultural lands, and so on. Gradually, these obvious factors would be replaced in the public consciousness with a new buzz-term, HIV. As the real causes of death were allowed to flourish, depopulation would begin to overtake the population growth.

Medavoy worked on the entirely bogus green-monkey theory of AIDS.

"The green monkey," Medavoy told me, "was a myth invented to attribute the origin of HIV to Africa. It was understood that if HIV could be said to have come from Africa, then people would believe the outrageous estimates and projections for future AIDS deaths IN Africa. You know, darkest Africa, where strange and bad things lurk. We played that nonsense like a harp. The green monkey never even carried HIV of course who cares because HIV causes nothing anyway. But the whole deal about those monkeys was really about lab monkeys in Boston who were found to have a virus 'similar' to HIV and lab contamination was where that 'similar' virus actually came from. We knew way ahead of time as we propounded the early green-monkey story that it was monkeys in labs we were really talking about. We were talking about stupid and careless research in labs, and we were transferring that whole business into a ridiculous myth about Africa. The story was about as real as the moon being made of cheese."


We Had to Discredit Peter Duesberg (21 February 2003)

In the spring of 1987, propaganda consultant Ellis Medavoy became aware that his objectives were being threatened by a University of Berkeley virologist named Peter Duesberg.

Duesberg had just published a long paper in the journal Cancer Research. That paper made a case against HIV as the cause of AIDS.

Duesberg was far from being a nobody. He was a star in his field. He had grant monies to do research. He had a lab at Berkeley and graduate students lining up to be part of his team. Duesberg was, in addition, a recognized expert in the emerging field of retrovriruses.

He was, in his own way, the equal, in terms of prestige, of Robert Gallo. In fact, Duesberg had worked with Gallo and Montagnier and others in the doomed Viral Cancer Project, an effort to show that cancers were caused by retroviruses.

Duesberg had bailed out of that project. "I could see that we weren't getting anywhere," he told me. "These viruses were interesting, but I discovered that they weren't very important as far as cancer research was concerned. But Gallo and others stayed on. They had their reasons. I was glad to leave. Disappointed, to a degree, but satisfied. I had seen what there was to see."

Medavoy told me, "Duesberg was a wild card. We knew we could come across one, and he was it. He saw through the propaganda we were spreading in the guise of science. He attacked HIV from a researcher's point of view and he said all the right things. That is, he didn't know there was an intense propaganda campaign coordinated at high levels to 'protect' HIV as the cause of AIDS. But he knew the science. He knew the difference between real research and badly done or fake research. And HIV was, make no mistake about it, a fake from day one."

In his Cancer Research paper, Duesberg had said several things. Among the most important was, HIV was, at best, infecting only a tiny percentage of (immune-system) T-cells. This made no sense. If HIV was killing immune systems, it had to be doing much more than that.

Duesberg also began to comment on the wild contradiction implicit in HIV testing. He noticed that the blood test was looking for antibodies which had formed as part of the body's defense against HIV. The presence of such antibodies was taken as a sign that a person was going to develop full-blown AIDS and die. But, on the other hand, a vaccine against AIDS would produce the exact same antibodies, in which case people would be said to be immune from AIDS.

Medavoy told me, "Duesberg got that one right too. He saw that the HIV test was completely insane. He was telling the research community they had been roped in by a bunch of fakers and so we had to do some heavy damage control."

Duesberg was not the only problem. At Berkeley, a few other people were waking up. Harry Rubin, one of the grand old men of virology, was willing to go public and say he thought HIV research needed a "second opinion." Richard Strohman, a cell biologist at the school, was also dissatisfied with the glib crowning of Gallo as the discoverer of the cause of AIDS. And then, there was a maverick professor of law at Berkeley, Phillip Johnson, who was more than willing to join in the fray. He not only agreed with Duesberg, he was able to organize the arguments against HIV in a more structured way than Duesberg, in speaking forums, usually bothered to. (Eventually, this burgeoning little group would expand to include more than 300 scientists and journalists who signed on to a short letter asserting that HIV science was deficient and needed a complete review by impartial people. One signer was Kary Mullis, a Nobel laureate who had discovered the PCR test for DNA. Mullis was like the grim reaper when it came to HIV. He was willing to take on anyone anywhere.)

But in 1987, it was mainly Duesberg who was carrying the banner against false science. Duesberg's principal ally at the time was Harvey Bialy, the research editor of Bio/Technology, a sister publication of Nature, the revered medical journal. Bialy was completely disgusted with the rush to judgement that had accompanied Gallo's unsubstantiated claims for HIV as the cause of AIDS.

Bialy was definitely not a man to tangle with in print. He was quite willing to do the one thing most career-minded researchers were loathe to engage in. Bialy would read a key paper on the subject of HIV all the way through and in detail, and then blast the arguments to smithereens. Point by point. Like Duesberg, he read the fine print and the methods sections, and he was brutal in his criticism. Bialy saw that, in a field (virology) that once rippled with extensive debate, AIDS was taking over as mush-science. Press-conference science. Bubble-head science. Science on behalf of gaining money grants to spout the favored line.

In 1987, Ellis Medavoy, whose job it was to protect HIV against all detractors, told me he was getting fed up with his own profession. He wanted out. He was ready to end his long career as one of the bad guys mostly because he saw where things were headed into a vast depopulation effort that would take decades and decades. This was a bit more than he had bargained for. Medavoy was somewhat unstable, you could say. Depending on what day you talked with him, he could be ready to throw in the towel or he might display a completely arrogant attitude toward the rest of the human race. At any rate, before he did actually drop out and quit, he began to tell me about what he was doing and in some cases, how he was doing it.

Ellis Medavoy and his colleagues had, besides Peter Duesberg, another problem on their hands. Through the efforts of certain "subversive reporters" and guess who was in that crowd? connections were being forged with the alternative health community. Some of these activists had never been much for blaming human disease on germs, and the revelations about fake HIV science were quite exciting to them. Furthermore, there were people who had been diagnosed as HIV positive or "full-blown AIDS" who were surviving quite well because they were taking care of their health. They were rejecting the whole HIV premise and they were exercising and changing their diets and not taking any more drugs and taking nutrients and so on. And staying away from AZT. These people were living testimonials to a sensational kind of healing and if THAT got out far and wide, the whole sordid game could be blown off its hinges.

Medavoy said, "A lot of what we did at this point was stop things from getting into print. That's often more important than planting lies. As far as Duesberg was concerned, I can tell you there were many newspapers and magazines who were ready to give his views some space. You know, maverick scientist rejects HIV as cause of AIDS. So we began a coordinated effort to keep that from happening. We let the scientists at NIH [National Institutes of Health], who had the most to lose if Duesberg could establish a credible beachhead, handle the PR on rejecting Duesberg's science. They engaged in some character assassination as well, which was fine. We, on the other side, got "reliable sources" to go to those newspapers and magazines and tell them that to print anything good about Duesberg was DANGEROUS and IRRESPONSIBLE. That was our tack. We had our people say that thousands of people could die if they stopped believing that HIV was the cause of AIDS. Promiscuous sex would become more rampant than ever, people would get infected, get sick, and spread the virus even further. We hammered on all this, and we cowed most of those media outlets. It worked, for the most part."

"As far as the very embarrassing and growing list of AIDS survivors was concerned the people who had rejected the idea of HIV and were rebuilding their health successfully without medical drugs we tried to keep track of pending stories on these people, and we went to those media outlets and told them these people were 'vegetarian kooks' and 'anecdotal examples who had not been studied by real scientists' and 'publicity seekers' and so on. We said some of them had never really been HIV positive to begin with. It was like shooting pigeons. We did pretty well. Some stories did appear on these survivors, but the general tone was, 'so and so is a strange curiosity and scientists are studying why he has managed to live for so long without getting sick, and this may hold promise for future research.' You know, all that crap."

Here is another choice quote from Medavoy on the AIDS scam. He told me this in 1996:

"Some other operatives I was aware of played a role in getting mainstream researchers to lobby for, and win, a new standard for HIV illness, based purely on numbers of T-cells. [Note: this "innovation" came later, long after 1987.] Tests would determine if a person was 'getting sick,' or if he was 'getting better' after taking his AZT all measured by how many T-cells [part of the immune system defense] showed up on the tests. These operatives knew, and had been briefed on this, that T-cells could actually vary all over the place, up and down, depending on factors like the time of day a person was given the test. It was another area of shoddy science, and they took advantage of it. I'll give you an example. You've got some guy who has been told he's HIV positive, and so, even though he's not sick at all, he gets tested every few months for numbers of T-cells. Sooner or later, those numbers will go down on a test. If the doctor isn't really attentive, he'll tell the patient he is now officially diagnosed with full-blown AIDS, because those numbers are too low. If the patient hasn't been taking AZT yet, he will go for it now."

By the mid-1990s, Peter Duesberg no longer got grant money from the government. His major lab at Berkeley was gone. Graduate students were told they'd be risking their futures if they associated their names with him.

Years before, Robert Gallo had told me, "The thing about Peter is, he's different. He's very bright, and he goes his own way. Sometimes that way turns out to be...unusual, strange. He can be difficult on purpose, you know. As if he's trying to adopt a position that challenges everybody else. He's a different kind of man."

Ironic, coming from the tyrannical and arbitrary Gallo, the man who had laid claim to the virus that doesn't cause anything.


When AIDS Lies Collide (24 February 2003)

In the wake of three major articles on AIDS I've just published on this site, I notice a story on Channel 4 (England) about a major AIDS flap in Africa.

Some researchers are now saying that, contrary to hundreds of published studies, dirty needles and not sex is the major transmission route for AIDS on that continent.

There are so many lies implicit in this assertion, one hardly knows where to begin.

But let's look at a few obvious facts.

Using and re-using needles for vaccinations and other injections is a very dangerous practice all on its own. The major threat, as any junkie knows, is to the liver. The usual name for this is Hepatitis. In fact, we are really talking about all sorts of toxins that are inserted directly into the bloodstream bypassing the normal channels of immune defense. The toxic burden falls on the liver and other organs.

Many of those re-used needles in Africa came from "humanitarian" Western interventions to save the failing health of Africa. No one really knows the names of all the doctors and health workers who re-used those needles how many African names, how many Western names.

But it's clear that if the UN (World Health Organization/UNICEF) really wanted to save lives all these years and decades, they would have spent, as part of their budget, some money on supplying vast numbers of needles to Africa. Not a difficult thing to do.

Of course, when you are injecting toxic medical drugs and toxic vaccines into the bloodstreams of people who are already immune-suppressed, you should STOP and really think about cleaning up contaminated water supplies and getting growing land for people back from transnational corporations and you should forego the drugs and the vaccines because they push people over the edge into death.

This latest research finding about needles really has nothing to do with AIDS at all. It has to do with the fact that the UN and its subsidiaries have functioned as an obstacle to, and an enemy of, health.

I had not really intended to extend my series on AIDS and depopulation past those three articles, but my source for some of that material retired propaganda expert Ellis Medavoy had told me much about vaccines in Africa.

Medavoy was quite familiar with operatives whose job it was to convince government leaders and journalists in Africa that vaccines were a messiah of sorts.

"It wasn't as easy as you think," Medavoy said. "There were leaders who didn't want their people to become healthy and since they [the leaders] believed that vaccines could work this trick, they were sour on it, to a degree. But the carrot as usual was money. Payoffs. 'We'll pay you to make your people healthy.' You would think this odd arrangment would be a tipoff, but money tends to make people blind."

"There is absolutely no doubt," Medavoy said recently, "that ample numbers of needles could have been supplied to Africa. The myth is that doctors over there are too stupid to want new needles, but of course that's not the case. So there has been a double-whammy. Toxic drugs and toxic vaccines, plus dirty needles. Now you are seeing the cherry on top of the cake. After decades of starvation and dirty water, and wars, and all that, you got essentially poison being delivered to people in the form of so-called medicines AND they also got whatever was on those re-used needles. The doctors and health workers there WERE blind to the fact that the drugs and vaccines were not necessary and were, in fact, toxic they thought there was such a need, it was better to re-use needles if that was the only way to deliver the medicines."

Yes, we are still talking about depopulation. Still talking about the Trojan Horse.

And like dirty needles, the allowed export of spoiled and unrefrigerated medical drugs from the West okayed without significant protest by the UN to Africa, have compounded the crisis still further.

One more aspect. I have written about this before. Every day, as those decaying drugs are moving into Africa, tons and tons of pesticides banned in the US as too toxic are also being shipped to Africa and other parts of the Third World.

There is only one label for what I'm writing about in this article: chem/bio warfare.

See the mosaic. Add in all those overflights of coca fields in Andean countries, and the spraying of poisons on small coca farmers. The true purpose is not the eradication of a source of cocaine; it is the "reclaiming" of land for corporate and military use.

Add in what Medavoy calls "secret local operations [brought in from the West] which involve the use of experimental chemical-warfare compounds in the Third World..."

The picture fills out.

At the highest levels, this is intentional and its goal is depopulation and debilitation.

More on the AIDS Scam (26 February 2003)

I have been deluged with requests for more information on the AIDS scam in particular, how to verify independently the statements made by retired propaganda pro Ellis Medavoy.

Medavoy has recounted to me his role in shaping media response to HIV. "It was a false piece of science to begin with. HIV causes disease like a toy rocket can go to the moon. It was our job to make sure media, governments, scientists, and the public swallowed the idea that an unproven germ caused 'a new plague.'"

I can make a few suggestions on starting points, for those researchers and reporters who want to take a ride into murky waters.

I believe that amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research) played a significant role in stamping out dissent about HIV. And there was dissent right after Robert Gallo went on national TV in the spring of 1984 and told the world he had found the cause of AIDS. But the work of fund-raising machines like AMFAR would have been dealt a serious blow if Gallo had been denounced as a fraud or an over-eager researcher without real portfolio.

Those fund-raising organizations needed a germ they could focus on, a standard they could use to rally the troops. "Now we have the cause. Now we need to know how the germ attacks the body, and we need drugs to treat the germ. Help us. Dig deep?"

Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, a NYC researcher who also treated AIDS patients, was the editor of a journal called AIDS Research around the time Gallo made his startling announcement to the world, the announcement that effectively ended all mainstream inquiry into what AIDS was and what caused it.

Sonnabend clung to his editorial policy of permitting dissenting views in his journal. For that he was suddenly fired. Had someone at amfAR asked for his firing? It is a question that could be explored.

If amfAR was somehow involved in the effort to cast an unproven germ, HIV, as the cause of AIDS, one of course would have to go higher on the ladder of power.

Another starting point would be WHO (World Health Organization). As a possible front for larger power players who were pushing a depopulation agenda in the Third World. HIV served and serves well as a smokescreen for the continued massive death tolls from starvation, dirty water, and vaccines given to millions of people whose immune systems already sit on the brink of extinction. WHO, of course, was behind most of those vaccine programs. And WHO, while making genteel noises about the need for cleaning up contaminated water supplies and providing agricultural lands for food to the poor, has accomplished, on its massive budget, very little in this direction.

You might go to Google and punch in "NSSM 200", and read the executive summary and text of the long Henry Kissinger memo, drafted in April of 1974. It was originally classified secret by the US government. Reading between the lines, you will see that it calls for measures to reduce population in the Third World. It even suggests "improvements in technology" as a light at the end of the tunnel for this program. As I've written before, anti-fertility vaccines have been under development for some time at the UN and other places. And HIV itself used as a smokescreen could function perfectly as a way of "benignly neglecting" the real killers in the third World starvation, dirty water, stolen land, vaccines and so on.

I have also received inquiries about various independent researchers who state that HIV was developed as an intentional biowar weapon. I have done a fair amount of research, over the years, into biowar germ programs. As early as 1987, I stated that germs escaping from biowar labs could certainly do damage. However, even assuming that HIV were "made" as an attacking germ, it is clear to me that it would have been a failure. HIV has never been shown to cause anything. And even more important, if you look at every so-called high-risk AIDS group of people, you can and do find non-HIV factors that explain all the immune suppression that has been occurring in these groups. The germ is the cover story. The smokescreen. The mask. The diversion.


AIDS as an Attack on the Male Gay Community (12 March 2003)

This is a continuation of a series of articles I have been writing about AIDS and the intention behind it. The subject here is the Hepatitis B vaccine and its role in a health-destroying political agenda.

In 1987, while I was in the middle of writing a book called AIDS INC., the propaganda operative I have referred to as Ellis Medavoy (not his real name) told me, "You have to look at the Trojan Horse part of the scenario. It's involved in the Hepatitis vaccine."

Well, I had already done much research on the vaccine, and I was trying to put the pieces together. I had been told that the original clinical trials of the experimental Hepatitis B vaccine, which focused on New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, had enrolled young gay men in the late 1970s to test out this vaccine. Gay men who fit the profile of what would be later announced as the profile of the first AIDS cases in the early 1980s. Yes, that was suggestive. The profile was suggestive, as well as the cities. And the timing too.

Perhaps something in the vaccine was causing what was being called AIDS.

Several independent investigators believed that the ingredient in the vaccine was HIV itself. But I had already demolished all the arguments that claimed HIV was the cause of AIDS. I wasn't interested in that.

I had already established that AIDS was an umbrella label that was being applied to all sorts of individuals and groups who were suffering from suppressed immune systems and a suppressed immune system is caused by all sorts of different factors. Chemical factors, drug factors, starvation, contaminated water, AIDS drugs, and so on.

So perhaps that old experimental Hepatitis B vaccine was another factor which had suppressed the immune systems of the gay men who had participated in the original clinical trials.

I asked Medavoy what he meant by a Trojan Horse operation. He was cagey, and he didn't give me a direct answer. "Keep looking," he said. "It's right in front of your face."

In 1987-8, I spoke several times with Dr. Cladd Stevens, a bigshot at the NY Blood Center, the group that had been in charge of the experimental Hep B vaccine clinical trial in New York. She readily admitted that some men in those trials had later tested positive for HIV, but I wasn't interested in that. HIV positive? So what? HIV didn't cause anything.

I asked her how many men from those trials had later been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS and/or had died. I wanted to know if there was a correlation between gay men who had taken that experimental vaccine and subsequent real and severe illness and death.

On this point, she was forthcoming, in the sense that she assured me an effort was being made to do such a study. It would involve using names or confidential numbers assigned to men in the vaccine trial and comparing that list with a list of names or confidential numbers of reported AIDS cases/deaths held by the CDC in Atlanta. She said I should check back with her.

I did, several times, between 1987 and 1992, and she gave me variations on the same story: there was a lot of red tape involved in getting the names and numbers released and matched up. To my knowledge, a definitive comparison has never been done.

Why not? It was important.

Has the NY Blood Center been avoiding possible liability?

Between 1987 and 1993, Ellis Medavoy would periodically ask me, "Have you figured out the Trojan Horse yet?"

I hadn't. I knew that vaccines could suppress the immune system, and I knew that the original experimental Hep B vaccine could have had that effect on some of the gay men in the clinical trial. Perhaps that was it. In fact, I was getting what I considered reliable reports that the experimental vaccine WAS immunosuppressive. But I felt there was more to the story.

I began to think that HIV testing itself was part of the picture. If the authorities could get a group, any group, to fear AIDS, it could convince that group to get tested in large numbers DISPROPORTIONATELY LARGE NUMBERS, COMPARED WITH OTHER GROUPS WHERE THE FEAR OF AIDS WAS NOT SO GREAT.

This was major. I imagined a group of people who lived in a small town. All sorts of people. Gay, straight, white, black, male, female. Suppose the CDC stepped in and for various specious reasons told these residents that AIDS was lurking in the town and it was imperative that they all get tested for HIV. It would bring lots of citizens to the clinics.

In fact, that was what had happened to the "gay community" in America. American gay men were being blood tested for HIV out of all proportion to the rest of America.

In 1992, I had long-since completed research on the unreliability of the HIV blood test. For various reasons, the test often gave FALSELY positive results. In other words, people were being told that they were harboring the HIV virus. The killer virus. The stealth virus that could lie around in their bodies for two years, five years, 15 years, 30 years, and then wake up and kill them.

I knew that was baloney, I knew that HIV had nothing to do with what was being called AIDS, but I also knew that the diagnosis of "HIV positive" was a lethal piece of hypnotism that could make some people jump out of windows. Michael Ellner, a New York hypnotherapist, had done important work on this issue. He was spreading the word: the DIAGNOSIS itself was immunosuppressive.

Not only that, the diagnosis which tended to put people in a trance was the immediate prelude to the doctor telling his patient, "Now you must go on AZT immediately, because it can extend your life."

The AZT part of my research was also, in 1992, already done. I knew this drug was a failed chemotherapy compound which had been put on the shelf at the National Cancer Institute in the early 1960s. It attacked all human cells. It had a particular affinity for the bone marrow, where certain cells of the immune system were MANUFACTURED. Although, as Dr. Peter Duesberg suggested, some patients appeared to be able to urinate out the drug without absorbing it, many patients did absorb it. AZT. A chemo drug that destroyed cells and blocked cell reproduction. AZT. A drug which in effect had been designed to CAUSE IMMUNE SUPPRESSION. And this drug was not being given to cancer patients in short spurts. It was being given to HIV positive people around the clock day in and day out. An oncologist who gave his cancer patients chemo every day for years would have his license stripped and might even face criminal charges. Murder comes to mind.

I was on the edge of the Trojan Horse.

If you get a group of people (e.g., gay men) to fear AIDS so much that they rush to get tested, and if the test itself THE TROJAN HORSE is so flawed it gives lots of people false positive readings and if even the true positive readings are for a virus (HIV) which causes NOTHING and if a positive HIV test tends to function like a trance-inducer leading to the acceptance of AZT, a massively toxic drug then you have a kind of closed loop of death.

With all this now in tow, in 1992-3, I went back to my notes on the hep B vaccine. Suppose, in addition to the vaccine's immunosuppressive effects, it could cause a blood test for HIV TO READ FALSELY POSITIVE.

That was not the only citation.

I called Ellis Medavoy and told him what I had found.

"Yeah," he said. "It's all spread out there for you now, isn't it?"

He made one other comment which I consider very significant. "If you could figure it out, don't you think people at the CDC and NIH know about it? And don't you think propaganda and PR people have been used to make sure that nothing comes of this? Remember I once told you my most important job is nothing? What the hell do you think I meant? It's making sure that, when the hounds get close, you dazzle and blind them with nothing, with OMISSIONS in the press. They try to snap and take a bite out of you and they get air. They get NOTHING."

If you investigate the last 25 years of Hepatitis B, the disease, you will find or put together a chapter on the promotion of fear about the disease in the male gay community of America. Leading to? Large numbers of gay men getting vaccinations against Hep B. Leading, in turn, to false positive HIV tests. Leading to the administration of killer, cell-destroying drugs.

And this is quite spooky, but in a good way talk about synchronicity I've just received an email of a 1998 interview done by reporter Mark Conlan with Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German virologist and marine biologist Dr. Lanka has been one of the most outspoken European scientists on the issue of AIDS fraud. In the interview, Lanka mentions his colleague and friend, Dr. Heinrich Kremer, formerly the medical director of the Federal German Drug Abuser Clinics. Lanka states what Kremer discovered in the mid-1980s and what happened to him:

"[Kremer] knew everybody who went through [had] chronic hepatitis or had the hepatitis B vaccine would test 'HIV positive.'...He informed the mass media..."

"So he [Kremer] knew [after his rejection by the mass media] that it [the AIDS scam] was intentional from the very beginning. They [the higher-ups, politically, in Germany and, by implication, elsewhere] wanted to have a blood and sex plague...He [Kremer] was dealing at the top political level. They told him off the record, that they knew [about the fraud], they didn't care, it was about how to deal with the drug problem and with the homosexuals."

The meaning of this is clear. Drug users and certain areas in the gay community were experiencing high levels of Hepatitis B and added to this, the Hepatitis B vaccine was also used widely in these groups. The result was a falsely positive HIV test leading to the domino effect of death I've described above. It's called depopulation.

Lanka continues, "They even tried to kill him [Kremer], and this didn't succeed. He had a good intuition and got out of his car before the tire blew out...the German government was carrying out a secret psychological investigation, trying to prove that he was mentally ill...and in danger of committing suicide..."

Okay. Having read to this point, now read the pages I wrote on the Hepatitis B vaccine in 1987-88. Those pages will fill in some blanks. They're not as compressed as what you have just read at that time I was swimming in various discoveries simultaneously: HIV was not the cause of AIDS; AIDS was not one condition at all, it was a smokescreen label for many different factors which were suppressing immune systems and killing people; AZT was poison; and so on. And I had not yet made the connection between the Hep B vaccine and a positive HIV test.

A decade ago [mid-1970s], 1083 gay men in good health were inoculated with an experimental vaccine against hepatitis B, an infectious viral disease. The trial was run at a prestigious research facility, the New York Blood Center.
From NY Blood Center accounts, results were very good: There was virtually full protection against hepatitis B, which reportedly was starting to run rampant through pockets of the U.S. gay community.
At that time, in 1978, AIDS was an uninvented word. And not until 1984 would HIV be isolated and labeled by Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo. When so-called AIDS crept into public view in 1979, and then gained wide attention in the early 80s, people began fearing the hepatitis B vaccine.
The reason? The vaccine had originally been made from blood of human donors, some of whom later turned out to be diagnosed with AIDS. During the early 1980s, health workers, who were at risk for hepatitis B, were urged to take the new vaccine, but they stayed away from the product in droves. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, Chicago medical heretic, points out that initially the U.S. Veteran's Administration expected to give 90,000 doses of the hepatitis B vaccine to its employees around the country. The response rate, though, by 1983, was only 30,000 doses. In the same year, 1,200 University of Illinois health workers were pressured to take hepatitis B shots. Only 237 did.
In January, 1983, a year before the "AIDS virus was discovered," Dr. John Finkbeiner, writing in Medical World News, warned that the hepatitis B vaccine "might be contaminated with a pathogen responsible for the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic."
Dr. James Chin, head of Infectious Diseases for California's Dept. of Health Services, contacted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and asked for long-term tracking of hepatitis B vaccinees. His implication was quite clear: Maybe the vaccine was causing AIDS.
There were other factors that added to public worry. Alan Cantwell, a Los Angeles physician who authored the book, AIDS, the Mystery and the Solution, recalls that "the CDC, reporting on the first 26 cases of AIDS in the U.S., declared that 20 were from New York, and 6 were from San Francisco and Los Angeles. These were the three cities that carried out the most extensive early hepatitis B vaccine-trials. Then, all of the first 26 AIDS cases matched the profile of the volunteers in these same vaccine-trials: male, gay, under 40, well educated, and (mostly) white."
Dr. Cantwell adds: "AIDS was the first time doctors could recall working with a disease that seemed to be specific for a certain cultural group, i.e. male homosexuals." Good reason to look for a common environmental factor for example, a contaminated vaccine.
In the meantime, throughout the early 1980s, researchers around the world were scrambling to make a connection between AIDS in Africa, which was overwhelmingly heterosexual, and AIDS in America. A sketchy scenario emerged: The AIDS microbe, jumping species from an African green monkey to an African human, eventually infected Haitians who were living in Central Africa, probably Zaire. The Haitians took AIDS home with them. It moved into their male bisexual community, where American homosexuals from New York and San Francisco picked it up. They had traveled to the "gay playground" of Haitian clubs on vacation.
There were variations on this plot. One, tentatively advanced by World Health Organization advisor, Jacques Leibowitch, had it that Cuban soldiers, hacking their way through the jungles of Angola in the 70s, brought the incubating AIDS microbe home with them. Eventually, some of these troops who were gay ended up on the Cuban-boatpeople crew that President Carter let into the U.S. AIDS spread from them into the American homosexual community.
These cover-story renditions of how AIDS moved had the effect of quelling fear that "American AIDS" was, in part, due to the hepatitis B vaccine.
Still, to some, the idea of blaming an epidemic on the Cubans sounded like CIA disinformation.
Finally, a few epidemiologists asked the burning question, "If AIDS came to Manhattan from Haiti, then why didn't it break out at the same time in New Orleans and Houston? Gay men from those cities were going to Haiti, too."
So there was good reason, among media monkey-speculations and quasi-scientific pronouncements on AIDS' origins, to wonder still about a possible tie between what was being called AIDS and the hepatitis B vaccine.
Dr. Cantwell comments, "I know of no later comprehensive checking of the vaccine batches given to the volunteers in the early NY, San Francisco, and LA hepatitis B vaccine-trials. These batches, all of them that are still available, need to be examined by people who were not involved in the original trials, vaccine-research, or manufacture."
There was, for example, the famous Cutter Labs polio-vaccine case, well-documented, in which children contracted polio from Cutter's vaccinations. Yet in making the polio vaccine, Cutter had purified their product and inactivated poliovirus according to government regulations. But children turned out to be more sensitive than the government's requirements. Cutter paid out $3 million in damages.
Dr. Mathilde Krim, one of the leading lights at the American Foundation for AIDS Research said to me: "In dealing with pharmaceutical's very hard to get into their stocks of (vaccines) and do an examination."
"You mean you'd need a Congressional edict?" I asked.
"That might not even do it," she said.
Money to protect, reputations to guard these are, of course, basic economic and human givens. When, beyond that, there are gross errors and omissions in defending the safety of a medical product, you have to ask how much trouble there really is below the surface. Concerning the hepatitis B vaccine� Reliable reports have come in to me that indicate that this vaccine was toxic, that it suppressed immune systems in the trials run in San Francisco, LA, and New York. The authorities involved absolutely refuse to do a comprehensive check on what remains of those test batches of vaccines.

2003 by Jon Rappoport
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