Richard Desmond (Daily Express)

[Porn baron, owner of Daily Express, which says it all about the media.  At least we haven't (yet) had a porn baron heading the country, unlike the USA with Ford!]

There’s nobody else who’s getting any voice who’s coming up and saying, “Look. This is a particular type of sex that pornography’s representing. It is brutality, it is based on the debasement of women. There are alternative ways of being sexual in our society that are not based on the debasement of women.” But where do you hear this in the media? Because the media is increasingly becoming pornified, and you have the pornographers and their hacks in the media defining what our sexuality should be. [2010 Sept] Gail Dines Interview: Should We Worry Whether Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality?

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[2002] Near Total Zionist Jewish Control Of The British Media By Thomas Sparks

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Express porn
[2006] UFOs just a lot of hot air

'Richard Desmond, owner of both Channel 5 and the Daily Star, enlivened a business meeting in 2004 by declaring that all modern-day Germans were "fucking Nazis" and goose-stepping around the room flipping Hitler salutes and singing "Deutschland iiber Alles". His response to objections that it was "thoroughly offensive" was to call the complainant a "miserable little piece of shit" and offer to go outside and fight him.'--Private Eye