Germar Rudolf
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[Germar Rudolf – in prison in Germany. German-trained chemist re-examined Auschwitz, Birkenau and other installations and buildings, testing rocks, soil and other physical samples for traces of Zyklon B. Following the pioneering work of Fred Leuchter, he put the final nail into the coffin of the Auschwitz story. Even though he did scientific work and was utterly apolitical, Rudolf's home and office were raided, computers seized etc. He was charged and tried in Germany for not believing in the standard Auschwitz story. As a scientist, he found the "gassing" claims to be scientifically untenable and, therefore, absurd 1.]


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[2016 aug] Germar Rudolf - Persecution of Revisionists & Demographic Disaster

[vid] Germar Rudolf on the Ethnic Cleansing of Germans Post WWII and his own persecution  15 million Germans were ethnically cleansed at the end of WW2.  2 million were murdered by the Russians.  Millions more by the Americans.  History does not record or take note.  The victors decide what gets into history books. At Auschwitz more Catholics died than Jews.  Mostly Polish Catholics.  Around 30,000 Jews died at Auschwitz.

[2017 May] The Lies and Deceptions of Deborah Lipstadt Part 1 By Germar Rudolf

[2017] One Survivor, One Single Survivor! Treblinka Transitees by Germar Rudolf

[2017] Josef Mengele – the Creation of a Myth by Germar Rudolf

The Persecution of Germar Rudolf

THE HOLOCAUST CONTROVERSY The Case For Open Debate An Introduction by Germar Rudolf

[2001] A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of Auschwitz by Germar Rudolf

[2016 Book] Fail: “Denying the Holocaust” How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory By Germar Rudolf

[2012] Germar Rudolf: Resistance is Obligatory  the court was hardly moved by Rudolf’s arguments. It sentenced him to 30 months imprisonment and ordered Rudolf’s opus magnum, his Lectures on the Holocaust, to be confiscated and burned under police supervision. In addition, the public prosecutor initiated another criminal investigation against Rudolf, because he had tried to publish his defense speech from his prison cell.

[PDF 2005] Auschwitz: Auschwitz: Plain Facts Plain Facts Response to Jean-Claude Pressac With Contributions by Robert Faurisson, Carlo Mattogno, Germar Rudolf, and Serge Thion

Lectures on the Holocaust by Germar Rudolf



Special Treatment in Auschwitz. Origin and Meaning of a Term by Germar Rudolf (ed.). Download: PDF: 2.8 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item
French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac was praised by mainstream Europe for his alleged refutation of the revisionists. Auschwitz: Plain Facts subjects Pressac's works to a devastating critique by leading revisionist scholars. The verdict: Pressac did not pay any attention to "the technique" of mass murder, as his books claim. In fact, he reveals such a massive technical incompetence that his works belong into the category of novels rather than history.

Auschwitz Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust by Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno. Download: PDF: 14.3 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item
What do Prof. G. Wellers, Prof. J. Markiewicz, Prof. J. Roth, Dr. R. Green, Prof. J. Zimmerman, and Prof. M. Shermer have in common? They all tried to refute the scientific findings of Holocaust revisionism -- and they all failed. This volume discusses these and more authors and exposes their attempts at refutation as a mixture of scientific bungling and fraud.

The Rudolf Report. Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the "Gas Chambers" of Auschwitz by Germar Rudolf,
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- HTML-ZIP: 1.4 MB  The Rudolf Report
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The so-called Leuchter Report about the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek has been subject to massive, and partly justified, criticism. Rudolf wrote a thorough forensic study about the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz which irons out the deficiencies and discrepancies of the Leuchter Report. The Rudolf Report is the first English edition of this sensational scientific work.