Soul Recovery, Soul Retrieval
Native American Spirituality

Soul Recovery. During the last month of this last stage, my father met a woman that was trained in classical Soul Recovery using the Power Animal by a Cherokee medicine person, using the traditional method that we currently teach.  She Journeyed (Remote Viewed) into the computers at the bases and brought my Soul Pieces back.  I learned Soul Recovery as it was performed on me.  As the pieces were brought back, I lost more and more contact with the control rooms. When SPís would come back, sometimes I would have memories of when it was taken, sometimes during blood oaths during other lifetimes, then the SP that was taken during the oath was placed in a specially prepared jar, statue, paper, stone or other containment vessel.  The SPís then were passed down through history being used by onworld / offworld people like intelligent batteries that can help engineer reality.  Some found their way into the computer system that I was being saved from.  SETHS STORY

[2007] Assemblage Point interview