Fredrick Töben
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[pdf] Fredrick Töben Reviews Republican Party Animal by David Cole

[video]The truth about the holocaust PT1 by Fredrick Töben


An Exchange between Dr. Toben and Jamie McCarthy
Dr. Toben's 1996 Christmas Correspondence with Jamie McCarthy

Dr Töben being interviewed after his last court appearance. Peter Hartung and Mohammed Hegazi in the background. National media declined to show the protest banners.

Dr. Fredrick Töben, Fight or Flight. The Personal Face of Revisionism
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On the travels, travails, trials, and tribulations of Australia's top-revisionist Dr. Fredrick Töben, Director of the Adelaide Institute. In this book he describes a multitude of encounters with many personalities of the world, from Konrad Lorenz and Werner Heisenberg to the whole range of representatives of Revisionism and their enemies. A world to be explored.

Birkenau 'gas chamber'

Hole # 2 (right hole): The hole was made by breaking the cement, most likely with a large hammer, and cutting one end of 3 reinforcing iron rods with a hack-saw before bending them. The hole measures 60 cm. X 50 cm. (2 ft. X 1 ft. 8 "). At this location the roof has collapsed to within 45 cm. (1 ft. 6") of the broken cement lying on the ground. Had the dark hole existed in 1944, it would have been visible in air photos, which it is not. Right hole crudely broken through cement roof

In 1943 the Germans would have cut straight edges and neatly trimmed the reinforcing rods. This job appears to be the product of post-war Communists, not war-time Germans. Another view showing the jagged edges of the same hole

It was alleged by important "eye-witnesses" who testified at post-war trials that cyanide pellets were dropped down hollow posts where gas then escaped into the room thorough wire-mesh-covered openings. This was also displayed on the large Auschwitz museum camp-model before it was removed in 1991. This is false as the posts are all solid cement. (photo: 1997) All posts are solid, not hollow

At No. 3 cremation building solid cement posts also protrude through the collapsed roof again proving cyanide pellets could not have been poured down hollow posts. (photo 1997) All posts are solid, not hollow