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[vid] UFO Secrets of the Black World  In a three-year investigation, a German film crew dove deeply into the secrets of "Dreamland" and Area 51, interviewing top scientists and security personnel who worked inside Area 51 and claim to have seen what can only now be described as alien spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin.

PROJECT CAMELOT : BILL WOOD : ABOVE & BEYOND PROJECT LOOKING GLASS http://youtu.be/nkIIBnIuXHM  [Killing civilians with Tomahawk Cruise missiles to create massive amounts of fear and breed terrorism.  Tomahawk hit Pentagon (1:20).  Defence Authorisation Act (1:45).  2012 (2:00).  Area 51---extraterrestrial craft that can fly to Mars in a day (1:55?).  Game over for bad guys (2:16).  He also said Bin Laden was already dead before they 'killed' him recently.]   Bill Wood

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy   aiming our orgonite devices and Succor Punches at spaceships will either neutralize their power sources and terrify the occupants or will make the occupants feel really good and not affect the ships in a negative way.  I think that nuclear fission or fusion power sources, which perhaps need DOR to operate, are the most vulnerable and that the free energy power sources are probably assisted by our thrown orgone energy………….. About half of the ships we saw were good ones, several were 'indifferent' and a few were hostile. Most of the hostile ones were from the air force, evidently.  The sewer rat air force (evil twin of the CIA) mostly has little flying saucers, like the Germans developed a long time ago, and bigger, more menacing-looking triangle craft……. The good guys' ships are marvelous and I want everyone to see them.  Carol and I get the same feeling, watching them, as we do when we see Sylphs overhead.  Most of the people who talk about UFOs, especially online, are scaremongers and disinformants, unfortunately.  Al Bielek has stated that the Galactic Federation, by the way, is just a trade organization and that the 'nicer' alien species don't bother with it but that the draconians, various reptile offworlders and the humanoid B-Sirians, who are probably best represented as consultants, new underground populations and facility managers for the corporate world order, do belong to it…………. Carol feels sure that the Andromedans are the ones who provided the idea of orgonite to humanity as an instrument to regain our freedom from the ancient rule of parasites.  I love the way orgonite's energy typically overpowers two-legged parasites. These corporate parasites thrive on stealing energy and with orgonite we simply drown them with it.
........The only time we aimed an orgonite cloudbuster at a good ship and had an unpleasant experience was in Utah, the afternoon of the day when I hid towerbusters all around the main Mormon Temple in the wee hours. That was in May, 2001.  In  an otherwise cloudless sky a little, low cumulus was traveling parallel with us, south along the highway for several hours so I stopped the Zapporium (our camper/home), got out and aimed the CB at it. The cloud quickly disappeaered, then reappeared nearby.  By then, Carol, who was following in the car, stopped, got out and excitedly told me to stop. She said I was really making them mad.  I had briefly seen a shiny, cigar-shaped spaceship rise up nearby in the middle of Salt Lake City, right before I got to the temple to do the deed and this was apparently the one that was following us.
...........When Carol and I were in Namibia in 2001 we observed that aiming a Succor Punch at a nasty UFO had the same effect and in the same amount of time as aiming an orgonite cloudbuster at it. I think anyone can see UFOs in the sky on most nights.  Remember that satellites can't reflect light when the sun's on the opposite side of the world, so don't explain the moving 'stars' away as satellites, okay?  We don't need to play devil's advocate. The devil (parasitic order) has plenty of their own advocates and in fact they're just about chocking the internet right now.