Vaccine implants

[God knows what they put into vaccines, but you can imagine given who is running the vaccine industry.]

Vaccine implant story
Just before I quit work, I was injured in the kitchen and was taken to the company doctor for a tetanus shot. After seven months I was still having pain from the shot as if the needle was still in my arm or a piece of it got broken and stayed inside. I thought this could be adding to the pain and numbness that I was already having in my right arm. So I asked my former company to let me get checked by the same doctor who gave me the tetanus shot. They allow it, and I promised myself that if the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me, that would be the last time I would call my former employer. Sure enough, that’s exactly what the doctor said. He said that what I was saying was impossible and that the tetanus shot dissolves in 2-3 hours. “But what is this pain I am having like there is a piece of needle stuck in my arm?”, I whined to the doctor. He just shrugged his shoulder and couldn’t say anything about it. So I left very disappointed....  Then came the Crofts into our lives! Fred finally got hooked on orgonite and started to have a deep understanding of it. Don hooked us up with another Gifter in San Diego, Alicia Navor. She came for a visit one day to show us how to make tower busters. She also showed us all the orgonite devices that she had, including the Zapchecker and neodymium magnet that Don suggested to bring with her. She checked all of us in the family and all the friends that we invited to meet her for microchip implants. We all had chips in our bodies, including our now 6 year old son. Guess where I had mine…right where I had my tetanus shot! A few days after I put the neodymium magnet on my arm, the pain disappeared. So it was actually the implant that was causing pain in my arm!

"Doug Dorst, a microbiologist and vaccine critic in South Wales, says these advances have an immense appeal to vaccine makers. "Biotech companies and their researchers have quickly moved most funding initiatives towards nanotechnology to increase the potency of their vaccines," he said. If microorganisms inside of vaccines can be coaxed into targeting or invading specific cells, they could achieve their goal at an accelerated rate over conventional vaccines. "Depending on which side of the vaccine debate you're on, whether pro or con, nanobots inside vaccine preparations could advance their effectiveness exponentially by either dramatically improving or destroying immunity depending on their design," he added."  [2009] Are Populations Being Primed For Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines?

One Christian nurse quit the University Hospital here, because newborns are secretly being given implants. A few years ago, it was discovered that The Upjohn, an American multinational company was involved in placing radiotransmitting material in with their liquid cortisone preparation Depomedrone, which created an implant when medical personnel put Depomedrone into their patients. The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming