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a book by Martin Walker MA

ISBN 0951964607
Orthodox medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies and industrial scientists, have organised against alternative and complementary medicine in Europe and America, since the last century. Dirty Medicine traces the history of these campaigns, their proponents and institutions.
    In 1987 the Wellcome Foundation one of Britain's largest multi-national drug companies, obtained a license for the drug Zidovudine, known as AZT. AZT was heralded by the media and marketed by Wellcome as if it was the answer to the AIDS epidemic. Packaged and promoted like any other commodity, public relations companies and advertising agencies hyped AZT from Romania to Uruguay. In 1992 the Foundation made nearly 200 million profit from the drug.
    With the marketing of AZT, the campaign against alternative and complementary medicine was suddenly transformed from an academic dispute to a war. Dirty tricks, industrial sabotage and character assassination replaced normal business and scientific practice.
    Dirty Medicine, is a frightening story of the free market, at war with the powerless. It exposes how, under the guise of government regulation, big business, science and medical orthodoxy defended their products and profits from competition.

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 The health fraud campaign was, as it were, the armed wing, while CSICOP and CSICP were made up of theorists. [Chapters 26 & 27] The Campaign Against Health Fraud by Martin Walker MA



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