Luciferian symbology


Rosette Delacroix 777 represents the 3 gods that the Process Church worships.... Lucifer, Satan and Jehovah... the 4th "7" represents Jesus who they demote to messenger status. The 4 P's.... P equals 7 in numerology.

''When Israel attacks foreigners they make it as significant as possible in order to give it mystical qualities. Tavistock is a very significant place and '007 on the square' or 777' was a very significant hit. According to Hebrew interpretations '777' represents God and '777' is an offence against Jesus Christ. When written in the original Hebrew 777' looks remarkably like '666' which looks remarkably like a track of paw prints of a large animal, hence 'the beast'. Later numerology got hold of '666' and was supposed to represent someone's name, either the Roman emperor Nero (Neron) or Hitler, but these are all just riddles that leave their mark. With British complicity and under American orders those who organised the London bombings were intelligent enough to leave us clues. They were also intelligent enough to pick up on mine. Thank's for the confirmation of Hitler's British training . . . my condolences to the victims throughout history. Israel is a wolf in sheep's clothing barking that it is a sheep.'' Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett p.435

Masonic Lodge No. 777 says its in Antarctica (Flat Earth)


Aleister Crowley