Alan Hart

[Former ITN and Panorama Middle East correspondent, which would partly explain his article: WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial.]

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[2013 Feb] On the Importance of Holocaust Revisionism—A Reply to Alan Hart By Thomas Dalton, Ph.D  Hart, in particular, perpetuates some false and misleading ideas about the matter, and thus a reply is called for......As to the third point, that the “6 million” figure might be a considerable exaggeration, Hart simply says, “so what!”  In fact, the best revisionist estimates suggest that perhaps 500,000 Jews died during the war years—a staggering 90% reduction from the claimed number.  Well—so what?  Historical accuracy, for one; when speaking of the “greatest crime in the history of humanity,” we should at least get our numbers straight.  Secondly, this would reduce the Jewish death toll to barely 1% of the total war dead, turning it into a mere footnote of history.

[2013 Feb] WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial by Alan Hart

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