Denialist  Auschwitz Hoax

[This is what the Zionists would really like to do--get 'holocaust Denial' into the DSM, and then get them on something like Thorazine or it's updated version.  This is a very poor example of sophistry from a crypto-Zionist (he could be a 'useful idiot' but he doesn't look an idiot), they must be feeling the heat to break cover.  Re: 'holocaust denial only helps to reinforce Zionism in its evil ways'.  It is interesting that a post under his article by the whale editor got removed, too near the bone no doubt.  They can't handle the fact the Zionists created WW2 in the first place and then killed about the same number of  German civilians in terror bombing as Jews who were killed in the War.  Exposure of the Auschwitz Hoax would destroy Zionism and Israel.  Absolutely fitting that this character would like to hand revisionists over to the psychopathic Psychiatry industry, it is also truly ironic psychiatrists were behind the T4 death industry and the Nazis, see THE MEN BEHIND HITLER.]

WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial

by Alan Hart  Feb 2013

While I was reading some of the responses on various web sites to my last post (Understanding the real significance TODAY of the Nazi holocaust), the following question occurred to me. Does it really matter HOW Jews were exterminated in Nazi concentration camps? Even if you chose to believe that gas chambers were not part and parcel of the Nazi extermination programme, there is irrefutable evidence that Jews were shot, hanged, burned, injected and starved to death and, also, that many died from diseases that were only terminal because of the conditions of their incarceration.

That’s why I stand by my view that holocaust denial (and most aspects of holocaust revisionism) is evil on a par with the commissioning of the slaughter and the slaughtering itself. But repeating myself on that score is not the purpose of this short article.

It is to request that an eminent psychiatrist or two (or several) come forward to explain what goes on in the minds of holocaust deniers.

I can understand without assistance why many Jews deny the Nakba, Zionism’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. They believe, wrongly in my view, that coming to terms with this truth of history is not in their own best interests. (In my view this Jewish refusal to acknowledge the terrible wrong done to the Palestinians by Zionism in the name of all Jews is the prime obstacle to peace based, as it must be, on justice for the Palestinians and security for all).

But why would anybody want to deny the Nazi holocaust when there really is so much irrefutable evidence that many Jews were exterminated? Some people apparently have a need to deny it. What is that need? What drives it? What do holocaust deniers think there is to be gained from and by denial?

Something else that puzzles me is why some holocaust deniers feel compelled to assert that I am Jewish when I am NOT.  I quite often use the term “the Gentile me” to signal that fact. Obviously they have a need not to believe me.

And how about this… There are some holocaust deniers who assert that I am not what my writing (book and articles) and public speaking prove me to be – a passionate and fierce critic of Zionism’s colonial enterprise. In their view I am a clever propagandist for Zionism. In a rant on my own web site (you can see it in the comments below my last post), Kevin Boyle put it this way: “You are a gatekeeper. A covert supporter of the enemy that will destroy us all. You are worse than the transparent liars because you pose as one of us, an true enemy of Zionist.” (Kevin, your English needs correcting. I presume you mean “a true enemy of Zionism.”)

Are they simply crazy or what?

Unless they are Zionist assets, they have no understanding of the fact that holocaust denial only helps to reinforce Zionism in its evil ways.

In conclusion for now I have a suggestion for all holocaust deniers. Visit the BBC’s web archive Witnessing the Holocaust. (As my readers know, I don’t give it a capital H).

The two most moving and powerful archived pieces are the original eye witness reports  broadcast by Edward Ward from the Buchenwald concentration camp on 1 April 1945, and Richard Dimbleby from the Belsen concentration camp on 19 April 1945,

I will not be at all surprised if some holocaust deniers assert that those two very well respected and much admired BBC correspondents were lying and that I am stupid for believing them.

On reflection it seems to me that some holocaust deniers, especially those who are driven by rabid anti-Semitism, are as deluded in their own way as Netanyahu and all support the Zionist state of Israel right or wrong are in their way. They deserve each other and I say, quoting Mercutio in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – “a plague on both your houses.”