Jamie Bartlett

Alex Jones, Demos and Controlled Demolitions


Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For October 23, 2011

Yesterday Alex Jones interviewed Demos operative Jamie Bartlett on his nightly show. Bartlett’s job description on the Demos website goes as follows:

Jamie is Head of the Violence and Extremism Programme. His primary research interests lie in terrorism, radicalisation and extremism, conspiracy theories and integration policy.

He is a familiar figure to UK 9/11 activists. He came, along with Demos buddy Carl Miller, to speak to us at Goldsmith College last year. The same pair addressed the Conway Hall ‘Conspiracy Theory Conference’ a couple of months ago.

At the Goldsmith’s event, during a heated exchange, Miller asked the assembled ‘conspiracy theorists’ this question:

“If the US government wanted a war wouldn’t it have been enough to fly two aeroplanes into the buildings? Why would they choose to demolish them as well? It is completely unneccesary……..

………..Why?……(pleading look)……Why?”

As I was present in the room and about 4 feet in front of them I tried to offer an explanation but was ignored by Mr Bartlett who was acting as chair if the meeting.

At the Conway Hall conference (which did not go very well for the establishment side in my view) Carl M raised the same question.

Last night, for a third time, at 2:35 during the interview below Jamie Bartlett asked Jones their favourite question yet again.

“Why do you think the American government felt the need to enact a controlled demolition on the two towers to actually bring them down? Would it not have been more rational to just allow two planes to fly into the buildings? That is surely enough of a cause for war if that’s what they were planning. Why multiply the chances that you are going to get caught exponentially by actually bringing them down in a controlled demolition in front of the entire world?”

Now, Alex Jones has done more than any living human being to expose the actions of the globalist financial elite, including the hidden truths of false flag terror. This is simply a fact. Much as one can respect him for that, his response to Jamie Bartlett’s question was weak. It went:

“No guts, no glory.”

“Fortune goes to the bold.”

“Bottom line, those buildings already had asbestos and structural problems.”

“Psychologically you do it on a weekday morning….etc…..etc”

Poor response Alex.

There is one primary reason for the controlled demolitions of WTC1&2 and all the other reasons are much less essential.

It was necessary to produce profound and lasting shock in the general population.

The scenes of hundreds of thousands of Americans running for their lives were necessary to induce this shock. A few dozen dead bodies on the upper floors was not enough dead bodies.

A B-25 bomber flew into the Empire State Building in July 1945. Hardly anyone remembers this now.

Planes into buildings is just not shocking enough.

When Bartlett says, “….that is surely enough of a cause for war if that’s what they were planning”……..he needs to be told that these people were not just planning a war.

They were planning multiple wars (as the PNAC document confirms) and multiple wars are what we have been given…….and there are more wars to come.

The demolitions were to create a collective post-traumatic stress disorder in the population at large. A mega-event from which to launch an assault aimed at gaining control of the major resources of planet earth.

The numbing, disabling shock was the necessary element of the operation. Everything else was secondary.

Building 7 was also obviously and provably demolished, so it can be sensibly deduced that the purpose of this demolition was the destruction of evidence connecting the perpetrators to the crime.

The Bartlett Method

Jamie Bartlett is a very charming fellow. He is impeccably polite. He is very intelligent. For this reason I find it impossible to accept that he is honest in his exchanges with ‘conspiracy’ activists. He is well aware of the detail of the hard questions but he never addresses that detail. If he could win the argument by addressing detail he would certainly do so.

He has watched ’9/11 Mysteries’ and the detailed analysis of the physics of the WTC7 collapse. The laws of physics prove beyond ANY doubt that these collapses were demolitions. However Bartlett chooses to accept the laughable science promoted by paid government ‘debunkers’. It is probable that he genuinely believes he is with the ‘good guys’ in ‘uniting’ society and moving it towards participation in a global system of centralised control…..because this would be a good a sensible thing and would create a fairer world for everybody.

Everybody has their alibis.

However Mr Bartlett is a professional liar.

And a good one.

If you present good evidence he will concede any point in argument….

…..except when it really matters.

Yes, Tony Blair lied. Yes, governments sometimes do terrible things. Yes, they sometimes lie.

No, 9/11 and 7/7 were Al Qaeda attacks on the west by Islamic fundamentalists. No, Zionist-Occupied-Government is a lunatic fantasy.

When dealing with Building 7, say, activists will go deep into the issue, show detailed point-mapping of the building collapse, draw graphs, calculate acceleration compare with ‘g’. Bartlett refers to ‘the majority of engineers’ who are not in A&E911Truth (well, of course they are not), refers to official government reports but never faces the detail himself.

Regarding 7/7 here is a question for Bartlett and his pals at Demos:
Evidence presented at the 2010/11 Inquiry and the London Assembly Inquiry in 2006 makes it clear from multiple witnesses that there were a MINIMUM of 3 holes (2 separate ones by the first set of double doors and 1 in front of the first set of single doors) in the bombed Edgware Road carriage.

How is it conceivably possible for a suicide bomber holding a single rucksack containing hydrogen peroxide and black pepper to create 3 separate well-spaced holes in the floor of the train?

Indeed, how can a single rucksack containing ANYTHING YOU CARE TO THINK OF produce such damage?

However, we know that while we will go on producing detailed analyses that destroy government lies, paid think-takers will go on propagating and defending those lies.

Until the system falls.


Jamie Bartlett reminds me of someone…….and I couldn’t think who…..and then it struck me.

I went to school with Gus O’Donnell.

It’s Gus.

We all thought the world of Gus. He broke school academic and sporting records. He captained football teams (and went on to captain Oxford University first XI). In spite of this he was universally popular. A very modest, well-mannered and respectful fellow. Nobody resented him for his gifts.

Yet…….as the country’s most senior civil servant…..I’ve seen him on TV defending the Afghan war and resorting to quoting statistics about the increased number of young girls that are now being schooled there………How must it feel to be in charge of a machine responsible for seeing that the illegal Iraq/Libyan wars were well managed……or that the funding was in place to adequately support the humanitarian carpet-bombing of Libya.


What happened to you?

How on earth can you buy into these murderous games?

You read the gospels of Christ first period every single morning for years.

I just don’t get it.

…….likewise Jamie, a very ‘nice’ man…….do you understand that you are making common cause with the very worst kind of criminals?


I know how Demos types would see what I’m about to say as an opportunity (or perhaps a reason) to trash everything else a 911 activist might say out of hand but I will say it nonetheless, for this situation will not persist.

The only mass mental trauma-inducing reality that can be compared to the 9/11 collapses is the ‘human gas chambers’ element of ‘The Holocaust’.

Without this ultimate horror, this unspeakable evil, this terrible shock to the western mass mind, Jewish suffering during WW2 would have had, in historical terms, no special status.

More Ukrainians died in ‘The Holdomor’ (at the hands of Soviet Jews mostly). More Soviets were murdered by Stalin. Far more Chinese killed by Mao.

Two planes into skyscrapers, a few tens of thousands dead in concentration camps, from Typhus mostly.

Get over it.

But the ‘human gas chambers’* have created a unique reality. ‘The Jews’ have displaced Christ.

They are, in mainstream thinking (as Christ once was), beyond criticism.

Such is the power of victim status (ask any shareholder in Manchester United FC).

There are people out there, think-tankers also, who understand (as Bertrand Russell put it) “the science of mass mind control……. the knowledge of which will be confined to the elite….”

Well, the mass mind has been well controlled for a very time but thankfully the public at large appear to be waking from their slumber.

The genie is out of the bottle and will never go back in, however hard Demos operatives work at containing it.

* It needs to be said that, based on the physical evidence, the ‘human gas chambers’ story like the official narrative of 9/11 is a wicked lie.

…..and like the 9/11 government apologists, the one manner in which no spokesman will respond to a denier of the existence of the ‘human gas chambers’ is by debating the detail of the contradictory physical evidence with him/her.

That is because it just can’t be done.

Videos, confessions, blah, blah, blah….these things are easily falsified.

Chemistry and physics present a very much tougher challenge…. but, hey, why bother when you control the media anyway.

We are all part-victim and part-perpetrator of the evils that result from great lies.

Some of us want no revenge, nor blame.

Leave these things to God.

We want truth.

And a viable, decent future for our children.

…but the truth, at least, will come.

It is just a matter of time.