Jamie Bartlett & Demos

[Demos is a government 'Independent' front organisation , believed to influence the policies of Tony Blair's government. Considered a centre of "Third Way" ideas, so satanic New Labour.  Bartlett is Head of the Extremism and Violence programme and Senior Researcher, Demos.  He promotes the government conspiracy theory re 911 false flag, so looks like crypto-Zionist.  One of his seminars is 'How, Where, and Why Terrorism Occurs - the Root Causes of Terrorism in the UK'--we all know the root cause of Terrorism is the Mafia, this character (and Demos) is their propagandist.  They even have the Eye logo.  Anyone who uses the term 'Conspiracy theories' is working for The Pathocracy This guy actually believes in Al-Qaeda! And Kelly committed suicide! Yeah, right!   And he went to Oxford so can't be short of any thinking capacity.]

Web: http://www.demos.co.uk   http://www.demos.org/
Demos Advisory Council: Horton, Dr Richard
Demos income 2009: £1,508,015 

See: Zionism   Israel/Zionist control of UK government  Al-Qaeda  Propaganda books

Demos change agent, Jamie Bartlett, making sure we think the right thoughts, express the right ideas.

Tony Greenberg [vid] The Family EXPOSED! Who is behind it all. A MUST SEE [Not sure he is Greenburg but you can see Alex Jones is a Zionist by having 'Bartlett' on his show]

All seeing eye symbol                    similar to CBS

[2011 Oct] Alex Jones, Demos and Controlled Demolitions by Kevin Boyle   However Mr Bartlett is a professional liar.  And a good one.  If you present good evidence he will concede any point in argument….…..except when it really matters. Yes, Tony Blair lied. Yes, governments sometimes do terrible things. Yes, they sometimes lie. No, 9/11 and 7/7 were Al Qaeda attacks on the west by Islamic fundamentalists. No, Zionist-Occupied-Government is a lunatic fantasy.

[2011 Oct] Government Front Group Vows to Abolish Critical Thinking by Paul Joseph Watson  Government front group Demos, an integral part of the British establishment which was founded by Marxists, is terrified that children are using the Internet to question what they are taught in school, and has vowed to abolish any such critical thinking to reinforce the education system’s role as a tool of indoctrination.......Demos, a government front group, is abolishing any notion of critical thinking by telling students that they should only believe what the government and the mainstream media tells them is true – the same establishment that has been caught proliferating lies time and time again.  In reality, it is the very fact that students are increasingly engaging in “critical thinking,” ie questioning the official version of events, that has the likes of Demos so petrified.

[2010 Sept] Conspiracy theories are corroding our society by Jamie Bartlett

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