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['UK aid financed Museveni's and  Kagame's mass killings, rapes, genocides and war crimes from Uganda to Rwanda; and from Rwanda and Uganda to D.R. Congo.' ]

[2012 Oct] Mitchell insisted on handout to dictator: £16m aid 'a parting favour' for his friend in Rwanda

[2011 July] Why is our aid minister cosying up to a Rwandan dictator?

[2011 July] Monster behind genocide and rape squads  Rwandan army commander Papy Kamanzi.... ‘We took them instead into the forest and killed them with a small hatchet.’ Kamanzi despatched scores with a blow to the back of the skull. As the bloodbath went on, his soldiers’ methods became cruder. ‘We could kill more than 100 a day,’ he said. ‘We used ropes – it was the fastest way and we didn’t spill blood. Two of us would place a guy on the ground, wrap a rope around his neck once, then pull hard.....This is a man who launched a war with neighbouring Congo in 1996 which led to more than five million deaths and tore Congo apart – and has used British taxpayers’ money to silence his critics.  Papy Kamanzi’s death squad was operating in the Congolese jungle, where it was guilty of acts of genocide. A United Nations investigation found Kagame’s army and its allies killed tens of thousands of innocent refugees......What makes Mr Mitchell’s visit so shocking is that it comes just weeks after Scotland Yard warned two Rwandan dissidents living in Britain that their lives were in danger from hit squads sent by Kagame’s government.

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