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[Groups are Mind control operations.]

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[2015 Feb] Clever teenagers most at risk of 'skunk' psychosis as cannabis expert reveals super-strong strain is linked to permanent schizophrenia   Sir Robin, the foremost authority in Britain on the effects of smoking cannabis, led a landmark study with colleagues at the Institute of Psychiatry which found that regularly smoking skunk triples the risk of psychosis, as revealed last week by The Mail on Sunday.

Straight Inc
[2011] Torturing of Children in Straight Inc Owed by Melvin Sembler 
For 17 years Melvin Sembler and his wife Betty operated one of the most destructive and world’s largest chain of juvenile rehabilitation programs, Straight, Inc. Today we hear from clients of the former Straight Inc and what really happened in the drug rehabilitation program for teens. As many as 50,000 kids were in the Straight program, Straight, Inc. is the biggest violator of human rights and civil liberties that this country has ever seen. In 1985 the Semblers, fearing civil suits by the victims of the abuse and fearing possible criminal prosecution, changed the mission of Straight, Inc. from "treatment" to "education" and its name from "Straight, Inc." to "Straight Foundation, Inc." In 1995, two years after Straight had to be closed, Betty Sembler changed the name of the educational foundation again to the Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF). So today Straight has morphed into an organization called Drug Free America Foundation, which specializes in helping small businesses set up Drug Free Workplaces, and in promoting national and international drug policy.

Ruth Fox, founder of the American Society for Addiction Medicine