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Arnon Milchan - "Mr. Israel" and 9/11

by Christopher Bollyn 

October 4, 2011

A plot of this magnitude and audacity could only have been conceived under faultless cover and down to the smallest detail.
- Thunderball, Ian Fleming

In Confidential, a recent biography of Arnon Milchan, Israel's LAKAM agent Number One, the authors reveal that Milchan and Peres are "strategic partners" and "holders of some of Israel's most significant secrets."  Chief among these secrets would certainly be how Israeli agents carried out 9/11.

Arnon Milchan, born in Israel in 1944, has led the kind of life that Ian Fleming and John le Carre loved to write about... He's a superagent in the real-world sense, and the closest thing to a real-life James Bond that one could imagine.
- Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon - Arnon Milchan  (2011)

Beyond the whispers and the movies, few people know of Arnon’s role in supplying Israel with its defense needs, and in creating its ultimate deterrence capabilities… For me, he is ‘Mr. Israel.’
- Sumner Redstone, Chairman of the Board, Viacom Inc.

“Tell us about this Israeli movie producer.”
- William F. Fahey, U.S. District Attorney to Richard Kelly Smyth, Milchan’s U.S. supplier of nuclear triggers smuggled to Israel, January 1985

"MR. ISRAEL" - Israel's senior LAKAM agent Arnon Milchan (center) has long been the man bridging Israel's intelligence establishment with each new government.  In this photo from 2005, Milchan sits between his old friends Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a former employee of Milchan's chemical company, Milchan Bros.  Milchan was the essential agent in building Israel's nuclear arsenal.  So, what does he know about the Israeli-made super-thermite that demolished the World Trade Center?


If one considers the known evidence of Israeli prior knowledge of 9/11, the Odigo text messages and the five arrested Mossad agents, for example, as indicative of Israeli state involvement in the crime, the identity of the hidden power behind the cover-up is rather obvious. The "hidden hand" suppressing the information about 9/11 would have to be a high-level person in the Israeli political-military intelligence establishment who has very close relations with media kingpins like Murdoch, Levin, and Eisner. Arnon Milchan (a.k.a. Milchen) is such a person.
- Christopher Bollyn, "Arnon Milchan - Mossad's Man in the Middle" from Chapter VIII of Solving 9/11,
"The Mass Media & the 9/11 Cover-Up"

The hypothesis that 9/11 was carried out by Israeli agents requires the presence of a high-level Israeli agent playing the role of "man in the middle" between the architects of false-flag terror and the media moguls who shape public opinion through their control of the largest news and entertainment networks in the United States.    

The pilot episode of the The Lone Gunmen television series in which a passenger airliner is remotely hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center was filmed in 2000 and aired on television six months before 9/11, on Fox TV in March 2001.  The amazingly uncanny similarity of this television show with the events of 9/11 intrigued me and led to my discovery that a senior Israeli intelligence agent named Arnon Milchan was very closely connected with Fox TV, the company that produced the program.

In 2001 Milchan had long been connected to both Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp. and its many subsidiaries, and to Gerald Levin, president and CEO of Time Warner and CNN.  The success of the Israeli-produced false-flag terror spectacle was critically dependent on the major news media pushing the official, but unproven, explanation and ignoring the many unanswered questions about what really happened.  As the highest-level Israeli intelligence agent in the United States, Milchan certainly seemed to be "Mossad's Man in the Middle", co-ordinating the 9/11 cover up with the two largest news media outlets in the United States. 

Confidential:  The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon - Arnon Milchan is a recently published biography of Arnon Milchan (July 2011), the Israeli weapons smuggler/dealer who helped create Israel's nuclear arsenal.  Written by the Israeli Meir Doron, a family friend who was raised in Milchan's hometown of Rehovot, and his brother-in-law Joseph Gelman, Confidential is a sympathetic biography written by a couple Zionist Jews, which explains their comparison of Milchan with James Bond in the prologue. 

Like most things concerning Israel, how one views Arnon Milchan is all a matter of perspective.  A Zionist devoted to the State of Israel may very well see Milchan as a Jewish James Bond while an American like myself is much more likely to view Milchan as one of Ian Fleming's villains, not unlike Ernst Stavro Blofeld (a.k.a. "Number One"), the evil genius with aspirations of world domination as head of the global criminal organization SPECTRE, The Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion. 

LAKAM'S AGENT NUMBER ONE - Arnon Milchan's illegal smuggling of 810 krytron triggers for an off-the-books nuclear arsenal in the hands of a global criminal organization of Zionist terrorists is something that Ian Fleming's criminal masterminds would have tried to pull off... Ernst Stavro Blofeld, "Number One" and head of SPECTRE.

There is, of course, a fundamental difference between the James Bond character and Arnon Milchan.  Bond (Agent 007) is an agent of the British secret service who is sent on missions to find and neutralize foreign criminal organizations that pose a grave danger to Britain and the West by stealing their nuclear secrets and technology.  Arnon Milchan, on the other hand, has long been a master thief and senior agent in such an organization, LAKAM or Mossad II.  LAKAM is the very same "rogue outfit" run by Rafael "Dirty Rafi" Eitan in the 1980s that controlled Jonathan J. Pollard, the American Jew who was caught spying for Israel in 1985.  Since the 1960s Milchan has been actively engaged in helping Israel create an off-the-books nuclear arsenal, which is at the center of the current instability in the Middle East - and the world.

The Mossad spymaster Rafi Eitan is a senior member of the Israeli
Knesset although he is a wanted criminal in the United States.  Here Eitan (top) and Ehud Barak, two of the chief suspects of 9/11, sit together in the Knesset, October 2008.

In reading the Milchan biography I found a number of interesting bits of information, which are included in this article with my comments.  One of the most interesting things I learned was that Milchan's first big film, in which he invested two million dollars, involved a key scene in which a passenger airliner is flown into a high rise building.  The British/French film, The Medusa Touch, was released in 1978.  It is worth noting that the Russian Jewish Lord Lew Grade (born Lev Winogradsky) immediately bought the film's foreign rights for $5 million before it was even produced, putting Milchan ahead by a million dollars.

The climactic scene of The Medusa Touch (1978) is of a passenger plane being remotely controlled (by mind) and flown into a high rise building.

The Israeli agent Arnon Milchan's first big film simulated a plane crashing into a high rise - in 1978.  This happens to have been the same year that the former Mossad chief, Isser Harel, predicted that Arab terrorists would strike New York City's tallest tower.  This is no coincidence.   

Such a scene had never been filmed before and required a great deal of work to make it look real...

and to achieve the desired effect, which can be seen in the short clip from the movie below.  (The added comments can be ignored.)

Clip from The Medusa Touch movie1978

It should be noted that Arnon Milchan is one of Israel's longest serving and most senior intelligence agents, having served the State of Israel since the early 1960s.  For Milchan to produce a film that depicts an airliner flying into a high rise in the same year (1978) that the former head of Israeli intelligence predicted an attack by Arab terrorists on the tallest building in New York City is certainly no coincidence.  This is when the terrorist Likudniks came to power in Israel and when high level Israeli terrorists began planning 9/11.  Milchan's movie was useful in visualizing the false-flag attacks that occurred 23 years later.

The following are a few extracts from Confidential with my comments on the Israeli-written biography of Arnon Milchan.

"Arnon is a special man. It was I who recruited him. Working secretly, from outside the official system, he brought extraordinary ideas and a level of creativity that greatly contributed to our country. When I was at the Ministry of Defense, Arnon was involved in numerous defense-related procurement activities and intelligence operations. His strength is in making connections at the highest levels in countries around the world, including important countries with which Israel does not officially maintain relationships. His activities gave us a huge advantage, strategically, diplomatically and technologically…"
- Israeli President Shimon Peres, 8 February 2010


“Arnon Milchan was the Chuck Norris of LAKAM.”
- Amnon Abromovich, Globes (Israel), 24 April 2008


Rules that applied to others did not apply to Milchan; perhaps it was not a “license to kill,” but very close to it. He fronted secret bank accounts for the State of Israel – accounts that would be used to finance his country’s most covert and sometimes deadly intelligence operations around the globe. (p. 18)

Bollyn:  Milchan controlled Israeli government-backed accounts and front companies that financed “the special needs of the entirety of Israel’s intelligence operations outside the country.”  The “special needs” included buying components to build and maintain Israel’s nuclear arsenal.


[Moshe] Dayan pointed at Milchan and told Peres, “You know what, Shimon? I want Arnon as minister of finance.”

“OK,” Peres replied with a sly smile…

What Milchan did not understand was that Dayan and Peres had in mind a completely different kind of “minister of finance,” unelected, secret, far outside the country, and in service indefinitely. (p. 39)


Immediately upon embarking on the massive, covert Israeli version of the Manhattan Project, Peres (who is today a Nobel Peace laureate) realized that he would have to deceive people on a large scale to avoid discovery… He also realized that the program would need to gain access to material and equipment that was not easily obtainable on the open market, and that few countries would be willing to sell such material to Israel.

To overcome these complex and daunting problems, Peres decided to create a new top-secret agency, a unit so secret that even Israel’s vaunted intelligence agency, the Mossad, would not be aware of its existence for years to come, even though it operated right under its very nose. (p. 44)


In the early 1970s, the unit would adopt the name Science Liaison Bureau, or LAKAM, its Hebrew acronym, and was nicknamed “Mossad II.” Its original narrow mission was to secure the materials and the equipment that would make the production of nuclear bombs possible. (p. 44)


The close working relationship between Milchan and [Benjamin] Blumberg was exceedingly productive, and much of it will never be known… When Blumberg needed a thousand tons of ammonium perchlorate, Butarez, carbon-carbon, inertial-grade gyros and accelerometers, precision tracking radars, and other such basic material required by anyone seeking to develop a nuclear deterrent, it was Milchan he would call.

Milchan’s constant movement between countries and continents make him an elusive target for any counterintelligence effort against him, and it made him the most productive asset for LAKAM and for the State of Israel. (p. 54)


But Milchan took it even a step further. He offered Peres and Dayan the use of his company as a front in order to open subsidiaries wherever LAKAM or the Mossad deemed necessary for their activities.

Milchan would open accounts and front companies for the State of Israel, essentially putting him in charge of the mechanisms and the resources to finance the special needs of the entirety of Israel’s intelligence operations outside of the country. This is how Milchan gradually became the indispensable man in the middle. (p. 60)

The surprise that rocked Israel following the elections to the Ninth Knesset on May 17, 1977, shook the country to its political foundation. The conservative Likud party, under the leadership of Menachem Begin came to power for the first time, ousting the Labor Party, which had controlled all political power in the country in one form or another since its inception…

Milchan quickly adapted to the new political leaders [Likud was comprised of Zionist terrorists from the Irgun] in town; Shimon Peres was a real soul mate, but soon Arnon would develop close friendships with others, including incoming minister of defense Ezer Weizman. His friendships and contacts were deep and spanned the entire political spectrum, which placed him as a bridge between the intelligence establishment and the new government – a role that he has continued to play ever since, with almost every Israeli government.


Using middlemen made it harder for outside observers to follow exactly what Israel was purchasing, since the sales were made not to the Israeli government, but to another entity, sometimes even multiple entities. In fact, this is a common counterintelligence practice. The fact that commissions were extracted along the way and funneled into secret accounts controlled by Milchan to finance Israel’s covert activities was only the icing on the cake. (p. 137)


In 1981, Benjamin Blumberg finally met his match in Ariel “the Bulldozer” Sharon, who was appointed Israel’s new minister of defense. Sharon decided to replace Blumberg with his close friend of many years and former head of the Mossad, Rafi Eitan. He viewed the role of LAKAM chief as one of the most crucial positions in Israel’s vast defense machinery. The infighting continued for a few months, but eventually the transition took place. The fifty-five-year-old Rafi Eitan was a short man with thick glasses and a long career in the Mossad behind him. It was Eitan who personally commanded the squad that captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. He was well acquainted with Milchan, and was well aware of his activities on behalf of LAKAM. (p. 145)

As Israel's key operations agent since the mid 1960s, Milchan has been at the top Israel's intelligence establishment since 1965.


He understood that Hollywood throws money at those who have money, so from time to time he would flaunt it, but only with a larger strategic purpose in mind. Metaphorically speaking, the trick was to use the million dollars in the bank to project an image of thirty million. It was his modus operandi since day one. (p. 202)


"I expect that nobody in the Israeli government is interested in the fact that you skimmed off sixty percent of all the profit on things that Milco International, Inc. sent to Milchan Bros. After all, Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel before Sharon [and current], worked for Milchan Bros. Could it be that part of the sixty percent you “skimmed” was for Israeli Government officials? …

"Well, Arnon, if I’m extradited to the U.S. and stand trial for shipping krytrons to your company, Milchan Bros., the world is going to know all the shady dealing you were involved in – I’m sure."
- Richard Kelly Smyth’s letter to Arnon Milchan from prison in Spain, 22 August 2001 (p. 215)

Bollyn:  There was no trial, of course, and Smyth was given a deal in which he plead guilty to one charge and received 40 months in the federal prison system in California.  Smyth, as president of the company Milco International Inc., was originally indicted for selling 810 krytrons to an Israeli-based firm, Heli Corp.  The owner of Heli Corp, Arnon Milchan, denied involvement in the $60,000 krytron deal.  Milco ("Milchan Co.") was also established by Milchan. This is a very good example of how Mossad companies are often on both sides of a deal, as seller and buyer, not unlike what happened to the steel evidence from the World Trade Center after 9/11, when it was shipped by Zionist controlled scrap dealers in New Jersey to Zionist controlled steel companies in Asia - to be destroyed.

Smyth, a former scientific adviser to the U.S. Air Force and to NATO, pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Arms Export Control Act and to making a false statement to Customs. Prosecutors dropped 28 other counts. A trial would have shed light on Arnon Milchan and the role of Israel's LAKAM in the illegal smuggling of nuclear triggers.  In such sensitive matters, like the false-flag terrorism of 9/11, an open trial is the last thing the Zionist crimocracy wants. 

Milchan succeeded in smuggling 810 krytron nuclear triggers to Israel before being discovered in 1985.  Israel returned 710, saying that one hundred krytrons had been destroyed.  While Richard Kelly Smyth spent 16 years as a fugitive in Spain and then went to prison, the Israeli who masterminded the whole operation, Arnon Milchan, was not even charged and allowed to continue his illegal activities on behalf of Israel in Hollywood and elsewhere.


Oliver Stone didn’t take this very well. He had a contract for another movie with Milchan. He briefly considered the outrageous idea of a film from a script that had been circulating in Hollywood more as a joke than anything else. The working title was Uzi Falafel, and it told the story of an obnoxious Israeli arms dealer who made a lot of money and parlayed it into a new career producing movies. (p. 229)


“A top Hollywood executive once warned me to stay clear of Milchan. He told me that Arnon was a Middle Eastern rug dealer. Beware. I should have listened to him, he was right. He is as cheap as they come. He is sick about money, obsessed with losing it. I learned a very hard lesson, and it cost me a lot of my personal money. I don’t want to get into a pissing contest, but Arnon can be very nasty.”
- Oliver Stone, “The Last Tycoon”, Los Angeles Magazine, April 2000 (p. 229)


Milchan will not forget that first dinner with the person who became one of his best friends and business partner, Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corporation, the parent company of Twentieth Century Fox…

Milchan then asked Murdoch for a favor. He didn’t want to consummate the deal without the blessing of his friend Gerald Levin, president and CEO of Time Warner…

Fifty-five percent of New Regency remained in Milchan’s hands. Kerry Packer kept his twenty-five percent, and Murdoch picked up twenty percent for about $200 million…

Part of the deal between Fox and New Regency was the establishment of a new TV division. Milchan brought in a good friend, ambitious Israeli TV personality Yair Lapid, to head up the new department. (p. 240)

Bollyn:  Yair Lapid is the TV personality who interviewed 3 of the 5 Israeli operatives who were arrested on 9/11 in New Jersey.  Oded Ellner, one of the three, told Lapid in November 2001 that their "purpose had been to document the event", the event being the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center.  Having said they are not agents of Mossad, Lapid did not ask the three who had sent them on their mission.  It was understood.  The other two Israeli terror suspects, the Kurzberg brothers, who sat in Yair Lapid's audience were known to U.S. law enforcement as agents of Mossad.  Hence they did not appear on the show, so the denial of belonging to Mossad could be made without being a false statement.

Alleged 9/11 Mossad Agents On Israeli Talk Show



Gradually, after the year 2000, Arnon began to bring his children into key positions at New Regency. Yariv and his sisters, Alexandra and Elinor, had grown up in boarding schools with a heavy dose of French culture, but as they matured they were exposed to a very wide world thanks to regular international travel with their father. Every year they spent at least one month in Israel and were brought up knowing that they were “members of the tribe,” with all of the historical connotations and responsibilities that implied. (p. 246)


From his earliest days, Milchan has had a passion for Israeli politics, and despite his global interests, he has consistently sought to influence the course of historic events in the Middle East from behind the scenes… (p. 247)

Kadima won the elections, Peres was appointed deputy prime minister, and all of his demands were fulfilled. But like his Rafi adventure years earlier, his dream never really materialized. Sharon suffered a series of strokes and became incapacitated. Another close friend of Milchan, the man who named his movie Pretty Woman, Ehud Olmert, became prime minister instead. (p. 249)

Milchan kicked into high gear, maneuvering behind the scenes to replace the president with his longtime friend and mentor, Shimon Peres. By the time Katsav finally resigned, Milchan had already arranged virtual wall-to-wall support for Peres to replace him as the country’s president…

The first official letter written by the new president was to thank his longtime friend Milchan, who had stuck with him through thick and thin, to see him to this day…

He's also the de facto Israeli consul general on the West Coast of the United States… He also serves as the primary host of Hollywood’s elite when they come to Israel, usually at his initiative. An invitiation from Milchan to visit Israel is an indication of having arrived in Hollywood. (p. 250)


In 2008, Milchan sold Milchan Bros. to a former Mossad agent by the name of Yossi Maiman. (p. 257)

Bollyn:  Yossi Maiman also happens to be the Mossad agent who obtained a great deal of control over the lucrative gas fields of Turkmenistan.  Linking these Israeli-owned gas fields to India and China by a pipeline crossing Afghanistan is one of the strategic goals of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.  Maiman and Milchan are partners in other Israeli ventures.


Milchan relocated New Regency from Warner Bros. to Fox in 1998 after News Corp. agreed to make a $200-million equity investment in the company.

On January 14, 2011, New Regency and Fox signed an agreement to extend their distribution relationship through 2022, while at the same time providing a more active role for New Regency involving Fox releases. (p. 259)

Bollyn:  Milchan's partnership with Rupert Murdoch and Fox TV began in 1998.  Two years later this partnership produced the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen in which a passenger airliner was hijacked by remote control and flown into the World Trade Center.  The program aired on Fox TV in March 2001. 

Murdoch's initial $200 million investment in Milchan's company in 1998 is something of a mystery. Why did Murdoch buy into a dodgy company run by an Israeli nuclear criminal? It is, of course, most likely the result of Murdoch simply doing as he is told by the Zionist financiers, e.g. the Rothschilds, who support his Zionist propaganda empire. As the New York Times wrote in July 2011 about Confidential:

In the late 1990s, the News Corporation, which owns Fox, paid $200 million for a 20 percent stake in Mr. Milchan’s Regency Enterprises. A News Corporation spokeswoman, Teri Everett, had no immediate response to a query about the company’s reason for backing Mr. Milchan, and about any reaction by its chief executive, Rupert Murdoch, to revelations in the new book.


Rafi Eitan went on to a successful political career as the head of Israel’s Gil (Pensioners) Party. He served in the Knesset and as special minister without portfolio, advising the prime minister on national security matters. Since the Pollard affair in 1985, Eitan has not been allowed to travel to the United States, where he could be arrested if he did…

LAKAM was officially disbanded as a result of the Pollard affair in 1985. However, it continues to operate worldwide, except in the United States, under a new name. (p. 261)


Israel gained it modern nuclear deterrence capabilities because of the covert efforts of many people, but Milchan was one of the most essential. (p. 262)


To counter the growing threat, the renamed LAKAM and the Mossad have kicked into high gear. Every known computer system sent to Iran over the past decade has been bugged with monitoring devices. Every possible high-tech system, such as aircraft electronics and spare parts, has been tampered with. (p. 262)


When legendary media mogul Sumner Redstone told us that he considers Milchan to be “Mr. Israel,” he had little idea how accurate his sentiments actually are. If one could imagine a single, indispensable person in the middle who knows where all of the bodies are buried when it comes to Israel’s secret wars, it would be none other than this heavyweight Hollywood producer, who spends his life seamlessly moving between the world of fame and secrecy, fantasy and reality, war and peace. (p. 264)

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