Art Caplan

[Here is the (Jewish) man who thinks vaccines are safe and effective!!   Medical Ethics is his subject, no kidding!!!  Perhaps he should concern himself with the ethics of the 70 year suppression of the cure for infections--Vitamin C? Don't you think?  that would destroy his pet vaccination completely, or the long term use of Chemotherapy when dozens of non-toxic cures have been around, some over 100 years old, or concern himself with the ethics of using a procedure, vaccination, that has been shown not only to be completely useless but highly dangerous, and the main cause of child disease, or the dozen or so Allopathic Rackets, some, like vaccination, 200 years old , or the well proven fact we have a medical monopoly, hence all the rackets.]

“Why Robert De Niro thought this film deserved any sort of a place at the Tribeca Film Festival is beyond me,” Caplan said. “[Wakefield is] probably responsible for more preventable deaths than almost any other doctor I can think of, outside of concentration camp activities.” ...According to Caplan, this film was a desperate attempt at credibility from a discredited doctor.  “He didn’t reveal that he was working for a law firm that was trying to sue vaccine people,” he said. “He had his own ideas about what the mechanism was… he got discredited, the paper got yanked, he lost his medical license… the movie is his attempt to keep his theories going and his reputation intact.” - See more at:

A Lawyer's Response to Art Caplan - Age of Autism   Dr. Art Caplan recently posted an editorial, “Liability for Failure to Vaccinate,” on this blog. He argues that those who contract infectious disease should be able to recover damages from unvaccinated people who spread it. If you miss work, or your baby has to go to the hospital because of infectious disease, the unvaccinated person who allegedly caused the harm should pay. Dr. Caplan suggests that such liability is apt because vaccines are safe and effective. He sees no difference between this situation and slip-and-fall or car accidents due to negligence. Arguing that “a tiny minority continue to put the rest of us at risk,” he suggests that public health officials can catch the perpetrators and hold them to account through precise disease tracing.