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[Good info on spin programming and TV but not sure about their knowledge on abductions.]

Since awakening I have come to realize that the single most effective weapon the enemy has to use against the human populace is television. When asked, I have told people the number one thing they can do to free their mind and wake up is to never and I mean never, watch TV. If you’re not quite convinced yet and are still watching TV, do this experiment to see the mind control for yourself. At present, on any channel, all news broadcast are using hypnosis. This hypnosis is achieved through the use of rotating concentric circles. Once you have spotted these circles (usually boldly behind the news casters head) you will continue to see them EVERYWHERE. They are in your commercials big time too. Once you begin to see the circles all over the place hopefully you will be able to understand that it is much more than just odd. It is an attack on your mind to keep you stupefied by this false reality you have been cocooned in.  Keep love in your heart and an open mind. The Christ is coming quickly!  awakenvideo

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Television Mind Control Revealed III

Lorgen, Eve   The dark magicians of the Illuminati use the Key of Solomon as one of their main magikal grimoires.....Focusing on material “gain” or control over others is a mistake; one that cannot be seen or understood by the sleeping unconscious mass, including the dark magicians; in fact, they are in the deepest sleep there is, unaware of the true power and the true connection to source. Instead, they use any means necessary to achieve their sick, twisted goals. These are evil beings who have plans to “reduce” the population; in fact, they are well underway with their plan. Check out their own AGENDA 21 to read all about it. They are telling us.
    Each magikal pentacle from the Key of Solomon represents a particular demon or evil spirit and it also represents a particular part of the human brain. Each pentacle “regulates” a part of the brain. Now…if there was a way, some way, to put a human being into a trance state and insert the coded information within the pentacle through the eye of the human and into the subconscious mind, that particular section of the brain would be triggered, unlocked, and open for programming. So, for all you TV watchers, I ask you…who is doing the deep, deep subconscious programming for your brain?
    The people “in charge” of the mass media and every single bit of the programming are entities that are using you as an energy source and a tool for their devices. The television was designed to put and keep people in a highly suggestible, hypnotic state. The development of the TV and the potential of psychological programming was tested extensively in Nazi Germany for many years before the television even became available in the United States in the early 1950’s. The television is a weapon.
    How can we overcome the programming on TV? Don’t watch it.

Magikal resources that should only be seen with care and spiritual protection cast upon the spiritually mature student. You have been warned.
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