Bar magnets in place of crystals

by Laozu



The discovery of the magnet therapy changed my life in several ways, but the most obvious one was that thereafter, whenever my back went ‘‘out’’, I could get it back ‘‘in’’again quite rapidly. Thus the part of my time subsequently spent in physical discomfort was much less than it had been for the previous thirty years or so.


Another discovery occurred a couple year later, which at first seemed rather negative than positive. After Cesco’s discovery at Rainers home back in 2005, we had many times changed yin qi lines to yang qi using the 6 TB method. What we did not know then was that this use of TBs places their crystals under considerable stress. In July 2013 my youngest daughter was married in England at John’s place, and after the wedding my wife and I spent about a week and a half in Switzerland visiting Hans and his wife. He and I went back and looked at several of the qi lines we had changed earlier. To our chagrin we found that every one of them had turned back to being yin. We used six new TBs to change the one at Aesch back to being Nq.


In September, for another reason, I had to return to Switzerland, and I found that the line at Aesch had already reverted to yin qi. Furthermore, a CB which Hans and I had set up in July, of which the pupose had been to offset a strong source of yin qi, had stopped working, its crystals having been overcome by the extreme stress to which it had been subjected.


This set me to thinking, and I recalled that Reichenbach had written a century and a half ago that the qi emanating from two ends of a quartz crystal was quite similar to the qi coming from the two ends of a bar magnet: yin qi comes from the broken end of a crystal and the south pole of a magnet; yang qi comes from the pointed end of a crystal and the north pole of a magnet. What if we tried making TBs using small bar magnets instead of quartz crystals? Would they work, and if they did, would they be more resistent to whatever stress they might be subjected.


Hans and I made some, and we once more used the 6 TB method to attempt to change the character of the line of qi which runs through the monument at Aesch. It worked. This was in September of 2013 and, as of the last time Hans and I checked in late winter of 2014, the line was still a yang qi line. Perhaps it will not hold forever, but it has held for over a year, which is much longer than the crystal TBs have resisted such stress.


We also have made a CB using bar magnets in place of crystals, and it seems to work just as well as the original crystal version. With a crystal CB the sharp ends (or yang qi 61 So far as I know Goiz does not explain the working of his magnet healing therapy in terms of balancing qi. ends) must be placed upwards in the pipes — with a magnet CB, the north poles (or yang qi ends) must be placed upwards.