Argentina   Paris Shooting, Jan 2015 (Charlie Hrbdo)

Charlie Hebdo Redux in Argentina

January 21, 2015

Argentine Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, left was found shot to death Sunday. Israelis believe he was murdered because he was going to testify Monday about Argentine President Cristina Kirchner's coverup of a Iranian role in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Community Center that killed 85 and injured hundreds. Miguel, a resident of Buenos Aires challenges this view.  

With this last service for Israel, Nisman helped destroy Cristina Kirchner's government . Her government was too Pro-Palestinian, Pro Iran, and pro Russia and China. Sound like France's recognition of the Palestinians and Charlie Hebdo? 

By Miguel 

 I live in Argentina ( Buenos Aires)  and I know about the two car bomb attacks in Buenos Aires. The first was against the Israel embassy in 1992 which killed 29 and injured 242. The second in March 1994 was against AMIA, a Jewish Community organization. 
The embassy bombing looks like a MOSSAD false flag.  MOSSAD agents were johnny on the spot immediately after investigating ( this seemed too quick). The Israeli theory was that a bomb car was involved.
But a later investigation by four expert in explosives determined that the explosives were inside of the building.  There was no suicide bomb car driven by a Muslim driver ( as Israel said) and no crater in the street. So no one talks about the Embassy bombing.
At the time of the explosion, the ambassador and all high-level people were not present; there were only low level employers. So as the Embassy bombing was not success in incriminating Hezbolla and Iran, they needed a new terrorist attack against AMIA.  Again, only low level employees were killed or harmed.  



In my opinion, Nisman's "suicide" was instigated by Israel.  


Alberto Nisman is Argentinian jew.  Isn't it strange that a Jew was given the responsibility of investigating the AMIA bombing?


My theory is that Nisman's death is a false flag piled on a another false flag. His "suicide" was Nisman's last service to Israel. It was something else Israel can blame on Iran. They did not find gun powder on his right hand.  Could be killed or helped suicide by others ( MOSSAD?).

With this service, Israel Nisman helped:

1) Destroy Cristina Kirchner's government . Her government was too Pro Palestinian, Pro Iran, and pro Russia and China. People have been mislead to think the government is responsible, and they are very angry. 

2)  It makes people think Iran is guilty in the AMIA case. 


This is NOT a good for government. So why would they do it?

But it is is good for Israel. Now Nisman is a hero and people think he has great information about " secret pact" with Iran to escape culpability. . I think that Nisman  was a liar for Israel without any real probe or important information.
I am anti Kirchner. But Cristina believed in Iran's innocence and was courageous in this matter. Israel wanted to stop more investigations because they have not real proof against Iran.


Comments for "Charlie Hebdo Redux in Argentina "

JG said (January 21, 2015):

Israel is giving the world an education on "false flag hits" and 2015 might have plenty more to come in the nations that prefer to remain neutral or are not actively supporting Benjamin Netanyahu's 'War on Terror' against the sovereign nations left in the Midddle East.

Christina Kirchner should really be commended for her courage by refusing to be baited into a diplomatic conflict with Iran because of another "false flag" scam. If only America's George Bush junior had such courage after 911.

I worry for Christina and the nation of Argentina because the death of Alberto Nisman is but another attempt to frame both Argentina and Iran for this latest Mossad "hit".

The rules for Netanyahu's 'War on Terror' are simple. Either you war against his enemies or it's war on you and your nation.

Oscaro live in Argentina and fully agree with Miguel. Nisman was a pimp of Mossad and the FBI, and w said (January 21, 2015):

I also live in Argentina and fully agree with Miguel. Nisman was a pimp of Mossad and the FBI, and was an expendable piece so it seems. But Cristina Kirchner and his government are covering up well (so surprised this Zionist maneuver) the responsibility of the State of Israel. This is a new justification for more massacres in the Middle East.

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