Paris Shooting (Jan 2015) False Flag
State Terrorism

Helric Fredou

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Britain’s GCHQ Domestic Spying Apparatus to be granted Greater Surveillance Powers after Paris Attacks

Fiasco Paris II: The Wrong Car Gambit  Remember the car supposedly used in the Paris “events,” as calling phony theatre a terror attack is a misnomer?  This is what the friggin’ French did:  They planted the ID beforehand in what was supposed to be an identical car.  Problem is, the second car was a different model, different year.
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Fredou, the dead police officer, was investigating Bougrab, Hebdo's editor's girlfriend  Fredou was working on a person close to Charb, the Charlie Hebdo editor, killed in the attacks.  Who was that person?   Panamza, a French journal,  has discovered that Fredou was working on a person and her family living near Chateauroux, a town about an hour and 30 minutes north of Limoges. Simple deduction on part of Panamza determines that it was the family of Jeanette Bougrab, militant member of the UMP, a far right organization, and girlfriend of the murdered director of Charlie Hebdo, Stephane Charbonnier "Charb".  

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Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout

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Charlie Hebdo: Another Mossad Production To Be Sure, But Did Anyone Actually Die? (Jan. 9, 2015

For the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the magazine launched a special edition with a rather symbolic cover. It depicts God as a terrorist yeilding a rifle and wearing a bloody robe under the title “1 an après, l’assassin court toujours” which means “1 year later, the assassin is still on the run”. Above God is the symbol of the Eye Seeing Eye inside a triangle, which is a symbol used by some Churches to represent divinity. As you might know, it is also the favorite symbol of the occult elite and is derived from the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus. Knowing this fact, the cover basically says “The REAL assassins are still free: the occult elite” while literally placing them above God – who is perceived as an imperfect demi-urge in occult philosophy.


Sandra Barr  This is a Charlie Hebdo cartoon penned by one of the "survivors" Coco. The press have overplayed how CH frequently attacked Mohammed, they have totally underplayed how CH frequently attacked Christians. I expect that the reason behind this is, they would not of been able to muster sympathy in the US if people had known about the depraved anti-Christian posters that CH were responsible for. It has been inferred that Muslims are too sensitive, taking offense at their satire, of all the Christians I know, they would all be deeply offended at this pic.  The translation at the top is "The name of the Father, son and holy spirit."  "Femen" is a radical Ukrainian feminist group now based in Paris.

Sandra Barr  More humour from Charlie Hebdo! The man at the front is being sodomized by Jesus, and Jesus is being sodomized by the Illuminati symbol, the pyramid and the all seeing eye. The caption from the all seeing eye says it is filling Jesus with the holy Spirit! The top caption is something about a threesome, and three papas.
    The millions of Christians all over the world who have been posting the "I am Charlie" slogan, would they have done it had they know that CH held their beliefs in such contempt?  This was painted by Luz, who is one of the surviving cartoonists.


Sandra Barr  When I first seen the shot on the left a few weeks ago, I assumed that the man with Bougrab must be a brother of Stephane Charbonnier, maybe even a twin, as he was so like him. Turns out Charbonnier's family hate the site of Bougrab, they have denied she was Charb's girlfriend, and they banned her from the funeral.

All seeing eye with hand (people)


Turkey leader: West Behind Paris attacks - Mossad Also Blamed:



[vid] France False Flag Shooting -- Attackers SPLICED IN + COPS cut out + Man in bullet proof vest watches

Published on Jan 7, 2015


Supposedly there were at least two gunmen on the street of Paris France shouting "allahu akbar" while shooting up the area. Supposedly these gunmen were going after the Charlie Hebdo magazine.


The "allahu akbar" shout was caught in this video from France24 (watch in 720p HD if possible)


This video was shown on France24 television LIVE... supposedly "unedited". Unfortunately, this "evidence" was highly edited.


In my opinion, Muslim / Islamic people are being SETUP .. being portrayed as "terrorists" when in reality these are scenes spliced in, and faked most likely.


Full written analysis for the visually impaired or the avid reader:


In the video, we can clearly see this "allahu akbar" scene was SPLICED in. The "gunmen" magically appear out of thin air AFTER the splice is done when they duck behind the chimney on the rooftop. No doubt about it.


First there were three SWAT police on the street at the intersection AS THE BLACK CAR IS STILL ROLLING in from the left hand side of the screen from around the corner of the building.


The police then magically DISAPPEAR in a quick edit done as the camera pans down behind the chimney.


Then , within 1-2 frames, or less than 1 second time, BOTH gunman appear in the street shouting "allahu akbar".


The police magically disappear, no return gunfire, and were not shot (no police in swat gear or on bicycles reported hurt at that location).


On the roof , where the video is being filmed from, a man in body armor is seen crouching down, then getting up rather boldly to look over and direct the camera person where to point the camera.


You can see the man in the bullet proof vest point down the street at the three police in black (with white writing on their back). As they both duck down behind the chimney, the splice occurs.


Finally, at the end of the video , you see the man in the bullet proof vest again walking on the rooftop, another edit / splice , and the people with their hands in their pockets, texting and standing around while OTHERS run by in panic?!


Summed up, we have three SWAT police on the street below, and a man in body armor on the building rooftop above. The police do not engage the car pulling up, instead they are edited out, and the gunmen edited in... INSTANTLY.


The people milling around on the roof , are mixed with other people in all black clothing and white gloves. Strange for several people to be wearing those similar clothes, while others are normally dressed.


I'd like to know how they were able to edit and splice the video and get it up LIVE as it was going down, and I'd also like to know why three police were edited out BEFORE the shooting happened. Why is there a man on the roof in a bullet proof vest? Who are the people in black with white gloves?


And finally, I'd like to know how 2 gunman can appear within 1 frame less than 1 second when the police were edited out?!