Covert-hostile attacks
Covert Hostility (1.1)

[Covert attacks come disguised, sometimes you don't know you have been got at until some time later, days even.  You may notice the effect (e.g. anger, humiliation, or sadness, signs of a shifted Assemblage point) but can't identify the attacker, or can't remonstrate with them as they always have a good cover story, Rationalizations such as 'you are being sensitive, 'I didn't mean it like that', etc.  This makes it a two handed slap, the second being the annoying way they escape unscathed (they go back to Dr Jekyll from the covert hostile Mr Hyde).  The covert-hostile would be one example of what Don Juan called a Petty Tyrant. They have a special talent to spot old wounds, which they then prod.]

Forum post example of a covert attack