Crop Circles

[They still are pushing the absurd idea they are all man made (impossible in some cases due to the complexity and even 3D effects).  Part of the Matrix We Are Alone control belief.  The big clue in the Mail story is the word Debunking.  It would be real fun to watch these 'pranksters' making the one below, for example, and overnight in the dark!  And what would be the motive?  The only entity with a motive would be the Matrix itself to make out they were all man made.  It is bad enough making a 'flower of life' on an 8ft board for a 108 .]

"When crop circles were eventually proved to have been created by pranksters, Reg and Busty refused to concede defeat. Although they accepted that 75 per cent of shapes were man-made, they maintained that the rest defied explanation.....‘It was a terrible setback when crop circles were debunked, but he clung to the hope that at least a few of them were genuine.’"---Legendary lead singer of The Troggs was fascinated by crop circles Feb 2013