David Rose
Media Mafia

[Jewish (Judaism)]

David Rose - disinformation agent?  It was David Rose who told us that Saddam Hussein had links to Al Qaeda.


david rose of the mail on sunday – a handy conduit for ... - Ian Bone  So let me tell you about David Rose. He was a big supporter in print of the ‘weapons of mass destruction evidence’ before the war. He later admitted that he had been a ‘gullible dupe for state disinformation’. But he wasn’t a gullible dupe. He had been invited in by the security services and told he could be given secret information as a favour by the security services. He took the brief. Later he recanted and admitted his involvement with the security services. He was a handy conduit of misinformation. In 1985 acting on behsalf of the Brixton police Commander Marnoch he wrote a ludicrous piece in the Guardian saying the Brixton riot had been jointly organised by  Class War and the  NationalFront. He later had to retract in the same paper. There is no reason to believe Rose has changed his brief. He is now being fed disinformation to undermine Steve Mesham and protect his pals from a huge scandal. David Rose would repay a closer look but interesting that the state is pulling out all the stops on this one so high are the stakes.