Blood diamonds  Native American

De Beers Diamond Mine on Rez: Indians in Squalor

(Nov. 24, 2011) They live in tents, dilapidated huts and a trailer or two, several generations under one tiny roof. They cook on wood stoves, and occasionally a child will get scalded because of the overcrowded conditions combined with precariously perched pots of boiling water. A lack of clean, running water causes rashes. There is no electricity.

United Nations refugee camp outside a so-called Third World war zone? Nope. It's Canada. Northern Ontario, to be exact, on the shores of James Bay.

Attawapiskat First Nation's leaders are begging the Canadian government to relocate them as winter temperatures encroach on their unlivable reserve's fragile infrastructure and overcrowded housing.

But a month after chief Theresa Spence first declared an emergency on October 28, the federal government has yet to offer assistance or a solution.

This is another corporate rape of the people, and their land, with no return.

Governments have let corporations desecrate the lands of Native Americans, not to give the Indians a better life, but to line their pockets with corporate money.

This is the 1% "De Beers" that looks upon these people like the shit in their buckets, but continues to push diamond sales -- without a thought of who they destroy to get the diamonds.

Boycott "De Beers" diamonds!!!!!!!!

Please call and let "De Beers" of Canada know how you feel.

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