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"Did you know…


Don't drink it! Although urine is mostly water, its toxins make it unsafe to drink in an emergency."


---National Geographic Magazine, Your Body: 100 Things You Never Knew, 2014


Really??? Hey, they're RIGHT!


It's true, I NEVER KNEW THAT!!!


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5 Days Adrift Off the Coast of Thailand

An Australian yachtswoman survived five days adrift in a small dinghy in the Malacca Straits by drinking her own urine, she revealed yesterday.

"To survive, I knew that I had to manage myself. I swam and held the boat by day to avoid the sun and I had to drink my urine."


University President Describes How He Survived For Days Lost in a Swamp

"For drink I had to use urine," Francisco Piedrahita said to reporters before he was due to leave the hospital Thursday evening.

"A university president from Columbia got more than he bargained for while on a trip to the U.S. after he spent nearly five days lost in the Louisiana Bayou surviving on nothing more than plant stems to eat and his own urine to drink.

Francisco Piedrahita, 65, head of Universidad Icesi in Cali, Colombia, was at the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park near New Orleans and was walking along the park's Wood Duck Trail last Saturday to photograph the brightly coloured whistling ducks native to the swampy area when he had become lost.

He roughed it out for the next four days until a local sheriff's office helicopter spotted him."


Legal Secretary Spends 14 Days in the North Atlantic

"After about eight or nine days on the raft, we ran out of water and were forced to drink our own urine. It sounds awful now, but in those circumstances you do what's necessary to stay alive." --- Janet Culver in an interview with People Magazine,,20121004,00.html

"Dr. Goran Akerberg said in an interview that Culver survived by drinking her own urine for four or five days before being rescued."



“During the nine­day war in Jordan, the Red Crescent, the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross, advised people against drinking polluted water by radio broadcasts, saying, ‘Your children are expiring of thirst, we cannot help you except by telling you that you may be able to save their lives by letting them drink their own urine.’ ”

Drink Your Own Water by Tony Scazzero


"Chef-I-Am" Comes Up With A New Twist: 'Green Ants and Urine'

"By then I had finished my water and knew I was in serious trouble," Chef Lynne Woodcock said. "I maintained the fire all night and started consuming my own urine. I also started eating green ant bums for protein and to try to get a bit of moisture."


“...two men were forced to spend 13 days on a life raft after their fishing boat sank in the Gulf of Mexico. The article said the two men ‘drank their own urine to stay alive.’ ”

The Outdoorsman’s Emergency Manual by Anthony J Acerrano


"A male cook was pulled out of the rubble of the Hyatt Hotel early Monday morning, 14 days after a powerful earthquake devastated the northern Philippines, officials said. Dry, with only minor bruises on his body, he told reporters he survived by drinking his own urine."

Kyodo News Service, Tokyo, July 30, 1990, World­wide Case Histories of Urine Therapy by Gary Ward


9 days in the Sahara Desert

"Mauro shifted immediately into survival mode and the first thing he did was to urinate into a water bottle."

"Mauro Prosperi, a keen endurance runner, took part in the 1994 Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) in Morocco. Part way through the 6-day 233 kilometre event a sandstorm caused Prosperi to lose his way. He ended up disoriented and ran in the wrong direction, ultimately running several hundred kilometres into Algeria. After 36 hours he ran out of food and water. He survived by drinking his own urine and eating bats resident in an abandoned mosque and the occasional snake found in the desert."



10 Days in Earthquake Rubble

"Buso said from his bed in an Israeli Defense Forces field hospital near Haiti's main airport that he survived by drinking his own urine and spent most of his time under the debris in a listless daze, at times dreaming of his mother and thinking that he had in fact died." 


11 Days in Earthquake Rubble

“Luisa Mallorca and Arnel Calabia survived 11 days after being buried by the same disaster. (Hyatt Hotel earthquake)

All three survived in part by drinking their own urine.”

Caribarena Antigua, January 27, 2010

"Calabia told reporters that he ducked under a table when the earthquake struck. He said he survived by drinking rainwater, which seeped into the rubble.

"In the first four days I felt neither hunger nor thirst, but in the last few days . . . I survived on rainwater," he said.

Government spokesman Horacio Paredes said Calabia and Mallorca told hospital authorities that they never lost hope in the 11 days they were trapped 

"They said they also survived by drinking their urine," Paredes added. "The workers found a cup near them which they apparently used."


Trapped Miners Survive On Diet of Coal and Urine

"In the mine, we picked up two discarded water bottles, and drank our urine. You can only take small sips, and when you've finished, you just want to cry."

BEIJING - Two Chinese brothers who tunnelled their way out of a coal mine collapse after being trapped for nearly six days survived by eating coal and drinking urine, a local newspaper reported Tuesday.

Brothers Meng Xianchen and Meng Xianyou became trapped while working at an illegal mine in Beijing's Fangshan District late Saturday, August 18, the latest in a series of disasters to strike the world's deadliest coal mining industry.

Two days later, rescue efforts were called off and relatives began burning "ghost money" at the entrance of the mine for the dearly departed.

"At first there was no feeling, but then I was so hungry I couldn't crawl any more," Xianchen told the Beijing News. "I got so hungry, I ate a piece of coal, and I thought it quite fragrant.

"Actually, coal is bitter and unsmooth but you can chew up pieces the size of a finger. In the mine, we picked up two discarded water bottles, and drank our urine. You can only take small sips, and when you've finished, you just want to cry."

He said because they were eating coal, and were in the mine for nearly six days, they did not defecate.

"We were only able to do that the day before yesterday in hospital. It was full of coal."


When Ferdinand Magellan's fleet of five set out to circumnavigate the globe in 1519, the manifest gave each ship "50 casks of water, fresh and pure." It wasn't enough. Of course his crew knew they would have to locate water along the way. Unfortunately, finding themselves in uncharted waters and out of water 18 months into the voyage, they became desperate. With no hope of a fresh water source, they took what was the only recourse. They drank their own urine. Wrote one crewman, "It was surprisingly not unsavory, having no worse a taste than a flagon most foul with rancid port, as many I have tasted before." And after all, it did save their lives.

From Heartland Healing Center,


2 Days in the Arizona Desert

"A group of nine suspected illegal immigrants abandoned two days in the Pinal County desert by smugglers resorted to drinking urine to remain hydrated, authorities said. "


"In Egypt, rescue workers found a 37­year­old man alive in earthquake rubble. He survived almost 82 hours by drinking his own urine. His wife, daughter and mother would not and they died."

Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, October 16, 1992, from World­wide Case Histories of Urine Therapy by Gary Ward


"Four Sri Lankan commandos who drifted in a boat more than 1,000 miles to Thailand after they had been ambushed and given up for dead were given a rapturous welcome when they returned home. 'They managed to survive on the boat by catching turtles and drinking urine, ' a military officer said.


Reuter Report, August 14, 1990, World­wide Case Histories of Urine Therapy by Gary Ward


“Ishwarbhai K. Mehta ( Gangasadan, Matave Road, Malad Bombay 64 ) had a good chance to treat a case of snake­bite. A young man of 25 had a snake­bite and was about to die. His blood­mixed urine was given to him constantly, and he was massaged with urine. His life was saved.”

Urine Therapy by Dr. John O'Quinn


One Week in Earthquake and Mine Rubble

"As soon as rescuers pulled Wang Chunbang out of the manganese mine in Qingchuan county at 11 am on Monday, the pit's opening collapsed.

Wang, 56, had been trapped in the mine for 165 hours - almost one week - after the quake hit the region.

On May 12, Wang and seven other colleagues were working in the mine. Wang hid under a tramcar and managed to escape getting crushed by the collapsed ceiling. His fellow miners did not make it.

The debris blocked Wang's way out of the mine. He decided not to risk trying to get out and waited for help instead.

Wang tried every means possible to stay alive. On the fifth day, he drank his own urine to stave off dehydration.

A rescue team made up of soldiers from the city of Jinan in Shandong province managed to reach Wang at 9 am on Monday. A child had told the rescuers he heard weak breathing from inside the mine.

An aftershock hit the area as rescuers removed rubble from the mine opening to reach Wang, but two hours later, they found the miner together with the bodies of his colleagues 

Wang was found to be extremely weak but alert. He was transferred to a nearby town by 10 rescuers and is recovering in a hospital."



“A friend who lives in New York, told me that he was once bitten by a poisonous snake in the African bush. He knew that the bite of that snake was fatal and could kill him in a few minutes. He was so terror stricken that he could not control himself and started urinating. In that instant he was inspired to collect the urine in his hands and drink it. A few minutes later he started to feel pain and his leg became numb. He slept a few hours, had fever for two days, but did not die and had no permanent damage to his limb. ‘Drinking urine saved my leg and my life,’ he beamed.”

Uropathy by Martin J. Lara


"In 1815, Captain James Riley and the crew of the 'Commerce' were shipwrecked off the coast of Africa. To get back home, they had to cross the very hot, very dry Sahara Desert. When the ran out of water, they survived by drinking camel urine."

--- from, Gee Whiz! It's all About Pee, by Susan E. Goodman


In the thick jungle...

“A snake, most probably a copperhead, pressed its teeth deep into my lower leg. Blood was streaming out ­ the distance to the next hospital was at least one hour. Certainly, I remembered my mention on the front cover of my book and treated myself with the miracle juice [urine]. I went to the hospital and continued my treatment but had to give some of my urine to the doctor for analysis. The effect of the bite was to our surprise minimal. I left hospital without ‘modern’ treatment, on my own feet and not in a wooden box.”

Urine: The Holy Water by Harald W. Tietze


“Following the first All India Conference in 1993, I met a man who had been bitten twice by cobras. I am sorry I didn’t get the exact details of his treatment. How did you handle your snakebite... in detail? I kind of vaguely recall he had a local doctor inject the region of the bite along with drinking his urine and applying it topically. Urea has a mild de­naturing effect on proteins. That may be one of the mechanisms of the antidote. Our house has always a lot of brown recluse spiders. I don’t worry much about them... maybe its because I know pee.”

Urine: The Holy Water by Harald W. Tietze


From B.J.K.

“I would like to share from personal experience, an effective remedy for treatment of poisonous bites and stings.

Firstly about two years ago I was stung by a blue bottle jellyfish (Portuguese Man­O­War) while body surfing (unfortunately I had just relieved myself in the surf). I came straight home and rubbed some old urine into the site. (I always keep some 1­2 days old), the pain diminished to negligible in a matter of minutes, and with a second application half an hour later, the pain and the red welts caused by the sting completely disappeared.

Secondly, I was bitten on the back of my hand by a funnel web spider about a year ago: the pain was excruciating. My hand swelled up near twice the size in a matter of minutes. I went straight inside and filled a glass full of urine and drank it (fortunately, I had a full bladder) and rubbed some old urine (from same morning). The pain went instantly and I was able to work after lunch for the next four hours as a massage therapist, although the swelling remained for about 48 hours ­­ it didn’t move past my wrist and I had no systemic effect.”

Urine: The Holy Water by Harald W. Tietze


"Lord Sushrut has mentioned auto­urine as an anti­poisonous substance and a good tonic. Snake­charmers keep a bowlful of urine handy while catching a snake so that he may be able to drink and apply it without loss of time in case of a snake bite. Jain monks say that one who drinks urine regularly for six months becomes immune to snake­ poison. The same is the opinion of many other sadhus."

Manav Mootra by R. M. Patel



28 Days At Sea


"When it came to their survival, the choice between drinking their own urine and death was a 'no-brainer' for Joel Smith and Anthony McFarlane — two of three St Elizabeth fishermen who went missing on January 21 and spent almost a month drifting at sea before being rescued in Mexican waters.


In fact, both men, who yesterday returned to Jamaica after being rescued and detained by Mexican authorities, were convinced that it was this decision to drink their urine that was the key to their surviving the 28-day hell on high waters.


Sadly, however, another member of their ill-fated crew — their captain Wayne Dias, 38 — was not prepared to make that decision, they said. He died at sea.


A frail-looking Smith, who was met by his elated father, mother, and sister, who journeyed to the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston to welcome him home, told of the torturous experience.

"We were out there (at sea) and I remembered what my friends from Old Harbour Bay who got lost just like us did," he said. "They told me that they had to just made up their minds to drink their urine every day, and to not waste, and that was what we did," continued Smith.


He said Dias declined to follow suit "as his body was set up different from ours".


"Sometimes my belly hurt me, and he [Dias] said it was because I was not wasting, but I told him that I didn't business. I was not going to do it, because I don't eat anything, nothing was inside me to pass out," he explained.


"Maybe if him did just listen, I feel that the three of us would have come back home," added Smith, reflecting on the final days of his friend's life."




So what do you think? Is there possibly a valid reason why we never KNEW that?


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