Dr Paul Thomas

[Vaccine Friendly says it all, friendly to vaccines?  100% useless and highly dangerous vaccines? That is being 'informed' as far as vaccination goes, and there goes consent.  See: Summary.  Like Halvorsen, shooting your kid with vaccine bullets for no reason, bar Money, yet spacing them out, making the odds less of vaccine Disease, the main earner, i.e. a threat to children.  Anyone promoting vaccination is a sociopath or useful idiot.  He is even promoting Chickenpox Vaccine!!!]

See: Informed Consent

''In The Vaccine Friendly Plan, kids are getting the TDAP and Hib at two months, four months, six months. They’re getting the Prevnar at three, five, and seven months or three, five, and nine months. At a year you do the final boosters for the meningitis ones. The Hib and the Prevnar and you’re done. I do not recommend the MMR at a year for its own special issues that it seems to be having with triggering autism in some subgroup of susceptible children. I think the chickenpox is also better done later.'' http://www.drbenlynch.com/do-vaccines-cause-autism-an-interview-with-paul-thomas-md/

"Prevnar ranks as one of the biggest selling hype snow jobs in modern medicine. And I haven’t even touched on the safety issues, including the fact that this company, like other vaccine manufacturers, can’t seem to get around to conducting adequate safety studies."--Nicholas Regush

[2015 Feb] MMR vaccines actually spread measles and cause permanent immune damage, doctor warns

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Chickenpox Vaccine