The Money Incentive & Bribing doctors (Allopaths)
The Vaccination Conspiracy  Medical Control ploys

"Whenever I meet a pediatrician I ask them a simple question: what percentage of your revenue come from vaccine administration? The number always astounds me.  The answers I get are that anywhere from 60–80% of their revenue comes from giving vaccines. Imagine that."  ~  J. B. Handley

[And don't we pay Paul well to rob us!!  The medical industry likes to spread the idea that there is no money in vaccines!  Vaccines can generates around $1 Billion in sales ($5.7 Billion Given to Vaccine Manufacturers in 2011). 
    Then you have the PR value, which is priceless (see Why Vax Continues).  Vaccination props up the pharmaceutical hoax.  Imagine if you knew vaccination played no part in disease decline and smallpox, Diptheria, measles etc had declined purely due to the decline in poverty (proper diet, clean water, no overcrowding, decent sewage disposal etc), how that would impact on your belief about taking drugs for degenerative diseases, and how it would affect your fear of infectious diseases, their main control ploy?
    Thirdly, you have the vast income from treating vaccine induced disease
 (Asthma: The NHS spends around £1 billion a year treating and caring for people with asthma, Vaccine autism: Autism cost the UK at least £32bn a year in terms of treatment, lost earnings, and care and support for children and adults with ASD, Otitis Media: Acute otitis media (AOM), or inflammation of the middle ear, is responsible for 13.6 million pediatric office visits annually in the United States at an estimated annual cost of $2.98 billion in 19951. and so on.) 

Articles (Vaccines)
[2012] CDC Vaccine Price List


[2016 June] How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines? 

[vid] Pediatrician Dr. Bob to Minnesota State Legislators "It's absolutely true that you make a ton of money off of vaccines .... I lose $700,000 a year because I don't make every kid vaccinate."   

2016-BCN-BCBSM-Incentive-Program-Booklet.pdf  ''on the lower end of the spectrum, a primary care physician or pediatrician can care for 500 patients. Let's just say 100 of them will be turning 2 in 2016. If they can get 63% of those patients fully vaccinated, that adds up to $25,000.''

[2015 Nov] Doctors Earn $3.5 Billion in Kickbacks from Pharmaceutical Companies

[2014 May] Vaccines Exposed: Herd Immunity Is Just Another Word For Cash Cow!   According to the current Illinois General State Aid fiscal schedule, Illinois schools receive $6,119 per student from the state. Ten percent of this amount equates to roughly $612. So if a school has 2,000 students, for instance, and it maintains at least a 90 percent vaccination rate, it will receive $12,238,000 from the state per year. But if the vaccination rate falls below 90 percent at the same school, a whopping $1,223,800 will be shaved off this amount

[2013 Feb] 50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam

[2012] Who Says There is No Money in Making Vaccines? At Least $5.7 Billion Given to Vaccine Manufacturers in 2011 by US Gov’t

[2012 Aug] Eli Lilly admits to more than $200 million dollars worth of doctor payoffs

[2012] 72 Page Document Shows Merck Paid Doctors at Least $18,810,495.52

[2009 Aug] Bonuses for doctors: How GPs are earning up to £380,000 a year... and £200 an hour for work they used to do for free
[2009 July] £27,000 swine flu bonus for GPs (who already earn £107,000)

U.S. drug companies spent $3.8 billion last year on advertising aimed directly at consumers -a practice that was illegal until the mid-1990s but now is upheld as some sacred "consumers' right to know." The Flu Vaccine Question By FRED GARDNER

[2009 Sept] GPs to be paid £100m for giving swine flu jabs to high-risk groups

'I have been doing locums in lots of different practices . In some Primary Care Trusts, they are remunerating GPs for their extra swine flu work by looking at how many consultations are logged as 'swine flu', so I have been told to enter any cold, upper-respiratory tract infection , fever etc  as swine flu, and some GPs are going back in their patients records since the swine flu started and re-labelling the reason for the consultation.  Is it any wonder there are so many cases?' [2009 Aug] Calling Big Pharma’s Bluff – Swine Flu Misfires in the UK By John Stone

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Bolen, Tim  Pediatrics [2016] Want to Keep Your Baby Healthy?  Stay Away From Pediatricians…Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen


What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.  

[2003] Blockbuster drugs, take the hype in small doses  Alex Hittle, a top biotech analyst at A.G. Edwards in St. Louis, indulges in a little gallows humor. "We sometimes joke that when you're doing a clinical trial, there are two possible disasters," Hittle said. "The first disaster is if you kill people. The second disaster is if you cure them. The truly good drugs," he continued, "are the ones you can use chronically for a long, long time."