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In July 2002, the Indianapolis Star newspaper quoted the lawyers Waters and Kraus as saying that "Lilly flim-flammed scientists for years with a 1931 study that concluded thiomersal wasn't harmful to humans". The Star went on: "The study, published in the American Journal of Hygiene, reported that merthiolate has a very low order of toxicity......for man".   Digging further, Waters found out that the study's toxicity data came from experimental use of thiomersal by doctors from Lilly and Indianapolis City Hospital on meningitis patients during a severe outbreak in 1929-30. 'The 1931 study on a cohort of severely ill people (who all died) ended up being quoted in Lilly brochures into the 1980s', Waters said. 'It very clearly demonstrates an effort to do an unethical study and then paint the results in a certain way that helps them sell this product'. Lilly ignored or covered up later evidence that thiomersal, which contains 50 per cent mercury by weight, can be dangerous to humans", Waters said."--David Thrower

Thimerosal was tested only once, by Eli Lilly on 22 adult patients suffering from meningitis. There was no chance for follow-up to observe long-term effects, as all of the patients in this "study" died. Even if follow-up had been possible, damage to the developing brains of very young children would have remained an unknown. Eli Lilly said it was safe and the medical community accepted it. After the creation of the FDA, its use was simply continued. The federal government has never tested the type of mercury in vaccines for toxicity. This is an unconscionable oversight failure at best, at worse it is an example that we have left consensus reality to be created by the liars, thieves, cheats, killers, and the junk scientists they employ.
    How it came to pass the AAP joined these rogues and became an active participant in this skullduggery is beyond reason – is even beyond greed. They have remained silent as mercury laden vaccine continue to be exported and used in all third world and second world countries.
    We are living in a time where an incredible overplay and lies and self-aggrandizing behavior and non-science is the norm. We have tolerated the junk science that has covered up the true cause of this epidemic at a considerable cost to science, the public, and our very way of life in this country. Is it stretch to realize that by putting our collective heads in the sand about the autism epidemic we have made it possible for the destruction of our very civilization? LES INCOMPETANTS: OPEN LETTER TO THE AAP By K. Paul Stoller, M.D.

"The documents clearly demonstrate that Lilly's thimerosal product, the mercury-based vaccine preservative implicated in a number of recent law suits as causing neurological injury to infants, was known as early as April 1930 to be dangerous. In its apparent eagerness to promote and market the product, in September, 1930, Eli Lilly secretly sponsored a "human toxicity" study on patients already known to be dying of meningococcal meningitis. Senior partner Andrew Waters stated that, "Lilly then cited this study repeatedly for decades as proof that thimerosal was of low toxicity and harmless to humans.  They never revealed to the scientific community or the public the highly questionable nature of the original research.""--Press release

Currently, members of the IOM's governing Council include, among 19 others , Gail H. Cassell, PhD, of Eli Lilly and Company and Helene D. Gayle, MD, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – the same foundation that donated the world's sixth largest charitable gift of $1.5 billion to create and sustain GAVI.
    Lilly is the original manufacturer of thimerosal, a mercury derivative used in childhood vaccines as a preservative. The result of a discovery process by law firm Waters and Kraus showed that Lilly knew of mercury's toxicity as early as 1930 but nonetheless “secretly sponsored a human toxicity study on patients already known to be dying of meningococcal meningitis.”
    “Lilly then cited this study repeatedly for decades as proof that thimerosal was of low toxicity and harmless to humans," states a press release from the law firm.
    While Lilly ceased the sale of thimerosal in 1991, their licensing agreements demonstrate continued profits from the product until at least 2010.
    Lilly is the single biggest contributor to the Republican Party from the pharmaceutical industry donating $1.6 million in the last US election.
    Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), co-sponsor of Senate Bill 3, was the author of a controversial bill that contained a provision that would protect Eli Lilly and other vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits over mercury in the 2002 Homeland Security Act.
    Frist's other notable tie to Lilly is the fact that the vaccine manufacturer bought 5,000 copies of the senator's book on bioterrorism and distributed them to physicians after September 11, 2001.
    The basis of the Frist family fortune is the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the largest for-profit hospital chain in the country, which was founded by Frist's father and brother. “A Dragon By The Tail” by Lisa Reagan