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Elite sex club 'Killing Kittens' comes to Belfast promising 'organised orgies' and swingers parties

It’s the exclusive sex club for the rich, famous and beautiful — and it’s coming to Belfast, writes Sara Girvin.


The kinky Killing Kittens club is run by Emma Sayle, a blue-blooded pal of Kate Middleton, who has revealed she is bringing her notorious “organised orgies” to Northern Ireland later this year.

Emma claims there are more than 3,000 Killing Kittens members throughout the north and south of Ireland already and says the sole aim of her company is “the pursuit of female pleasure”.

“We are planning on doing regular swingers parties, launching in April in Dublin and Belfast,” she said.

“We have the Dublin-based team in place, so it’s all systems go.”

A venue for the Belfast parties has not yet been revealed.

Killing Kittens parties are billed as organised orgies for the young, wealthy and beautiful.

Only couples and single women aged 18 to 45 are allowed to attend, and guests at the champagne-fuelled events must wear masks.

All attendees are strenuously vetted and must provide photographs to make sure their looks are up to scratch.

Celebrity members have included Big Brother and Apprentice star Luisa Zissman, who revealed that she once took part in a 30-strong orgy at a Killing Kittens party.

Describing the sex parties which she attended with her ex-husband, Luisa said: “A friend who was into threesomes with her partner told me about them and said I should sign up to a club called Killing Kittens.

“If you walk around the party you find people in rooms having sex.

“Sometimes it’s couples, sometimes it’s girls, sometimes eight, nine, ten people.”

The outrageous celeb, who missed out on a £250,000 investment from Sir Alan Sugar to Derry’s own Dr Leah Totton, revealed Killing Kittens’ upmarket soirees are full of footballers, actors and politicians.

But she said that the parties were about women feeling sexually liberated rather than anything seedy.

“Everyone has sexual fantasies,” she said. “Most of the time they are not fulfilled and the swinging scene allows people to fulfil those fantasies under their own guidelines within control. It is not about love and people who don’t go don’t understand that. It’s just about fantasy and sex.”

Killing Kittens rules:

1. Girls make the rules and only girls can break the rules

2. No means no

3. Men cannot approach women

4. Members only

5. Strictly no mobile phones or cameras at the parties

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