Prince William & Kate

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Kate's Fake Pregnancy - Part 1
Kate's Fake Pregnancy - Part 2
[2013 July] Royal Baby Scam : Jill Dando’s Murder link and Fiance : In charge of the Scam : All you need to know : Kate was and has not been pregnant : Why did they kill the nurse : What a Right Royal Scam:

Is Prince William really the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain?


ZIONISM. Britain’s royal family is 100% Jewish

Topless Kate, 2 Massacres and an Initiation

[2014] Elite sex club 'Killing Kittens' comes to Belfast promising 'organised orgies' and swingers parties

[2012 July. vid] A Report from the Proxy to the Throne of England  The fake Royals and the true King of England. Jim Fetzer: "Wow, Jim, you wouldn’t believe me, this interview that Greg just gave me is astonishing, absolutely fucking astonishing." [Greg Hallett]

[2012 Aug] Inside the British & Hollywood Nazi Illuminati-Helter Skelter.

[2010] Kate Middleton's chum Emma Sayle and the sex party house

Next King William Arthur PHILIP Louis... WHO's Your Daddy ???


Royal Wedding Aftermath Part 4: Murder Most Foul ? (or Time to Abdicate for Succession ?)

Royal Wedding Aftermath Part 1: Consort-Prince Philip-Another One Bites The Dust

Expert: Prince William is the Antichrist, future king of one world government

666 Prince William will likely use William V as his regnal name when he is crowned the next King of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth of nations. Source  If you split the W into two Vs the following anagram emerges


Satanic Hand sign

DEMON a sheep Hologram at ELITE Royal GALA on 6/9/2011  The guy's commentary is incorrect. It's not a holograph, but an actual skinhead guy having sex with a sheep. The sheep being the Lamb of God, getting F'd by Satan. And this thing is going on, suspended by wires, high above of the heads of WIlly Boy and the Elite Wealthy of the World - a most satanic and vulgare display of bestiality and offence of Christ, which is what it is meant to be.


“Finding Jesus’ Graves … challenges the Flat Lie Royals“ hallett report No8