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What Doctors Didn’t Want Me to Know about Gall Bladder Surgery by Elizabeth E. LaBozetta

[2016] Elizabeth LaBozetta. Survivor

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''The medical syndicate did everything they could think of to keep a tight lid on the true death and injury rate and to masquerade these particular deaths and injuries to other causes--with the help of their cohorts in law and government. This surgery killed actor Jaime Cardriche and U.S. Representative John Murtha. It also killed my husband's uncle, my neighbor, my friend's son, another friend's uncle, and permanently injured one of my uncles, two aunts, and my step-mother--and me. They left thousands of dead outright and tens of thousands more permanently-and-irreparably injured and dying slowly. If that wasn't bad enough the perpetrators financially enslave those they have injured and mine them for all that can be extracted without a shred of conscience or feeling, make it so they can't get out from under it. (they did it to me, are still doing it) It is human trafficking in its worst form. The bottom line is the biliary system is too delicate and unforgiving for the limitations of laparoscopy.''

''I use the word "murder" because of the abundantly documented presence of intent, written by the perpetrator themselves: when doctors know a new surgery has an 80% chance of death, and/or permanent and progressive injury leading inexorably to death, but presents to their prospective patients a flagrant lie of 1-2% in order to erect a facade of safety, there is intent present. 
    There is intent present when the already-trained, already practicing, experienced surgeon presents the illusion that he/she will be the one who will perform the surgery, uses his/her credentials and statistics as inducement to stagecraft the illusion of safety, when he/she knows full-well a green trainee will be sneaked in to perform the surgery once the patient is anesthetized and cannot stop it--and that green trainee makes their worst mistakes in the first 20-50 they do so death or permanent injury is practically inevitable. If all were on the up-and-up there would be no need to sneak and conceal. But the teaching hospitals do it because they know full-well "Ghost Surgery" is a crime and telling the truth about trainee substitution would give their targets the opportunity to say "no".
    In the book "Lives Taken", what doctors write to each other in their trade journals and what they present to prospective patients are two very different things. The "devil" really is in the detail.
    The local medical syndicate tried to outright murder me more than once after I refused to obey their order to shut up and their scheme to have me shipped to a mental facility in another state failed. It is only by the Grace of God that I am still alive.''

The medical community, governmental bodies, and legal community tell me over and over: "accidents happen; you should forgive and forget." I have no trouble forgiving an accident—accidents do happen. But what happened to me and many others like me was no accident: we were not given full information about this new surgery, were misled about the true injury and death rate, were cheated of the opportunity to give an actual informed consent, and were lied to about the actual reparability of a bile duct injury and how often it really occurs in inexperienced hands. We were promised prompt response if injury were to occur and were misled to believe we’d be getting the surgeons we’d chosen from our healthplan booklets when most everyone but the patients knew full well resident physician substitution was the common practice once we were unconscious on the operating table without out knowledge or consent, adding additional risks onto an already risky procedure. What Doctors Didn’t Want Me to Know about Gall Bladder Surgery by Elizabeth E. LaBozetta

In March of 1993 I placed an ad in our local newspaper hoping to find other injury victims of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Other victims responded in large numbers, even people from other states responded to the ad. All of us had been mistreated the same standardized ways, coast to coast. All of us were cheated on informed consent. All of us were called "hypochondriacs" when we presented afterwards with serious problems even in the face of abnormal test results. All of us were told "you are the only one having problems like this after that new surgery!" When we got the chance to talk and trade information, we found that several of us had been referred to the same gastroenterologist’s group in town and these doctors had told each of us they’d never seen anything like this before. Each of us were told we were the only ones having problems! It was like they had one script to read from and read it to each of these injury victims word for word. What Doctors Didn’t Want Me to Know about Gall Bladder Surgery by Elizabeth E. LaBozetta

Before this happened I never imagined such misery and suffering was possible. I never imagined the irresponsible and callous behavior of people we have placed in positions of trust either.  I was used as a guinea pig without our knowledge or consent and left to suffer the consequences and bear the enormous financial burden of the misbehavior and misadventure of doctors. I am now 43 and have irreversible liver damage; the domino effect to all organ systems from this injury will kill me eventually. I have cirrhosis and the consequences of chronic untreatable infection that a bile duct injury brings. I and others like me were sacrificed to build a very lucrative laparoscopic surgery industry. Because I have spoken out about what happened to me, I cannot get medical care no matter where I go or what happens to me. I had to learn as much as I can and treat myself. What Doctors Didn’t Want Me to Know about Gall Bladder Surgery by Elizabeth E. LaBozetta