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'In 1996, some 700,000 Americans had their Gallbladder removed..(each) operation costs between $8,000 and $10,000, (while the the liver/gallbladder cleanse) painlessly, safely, and effectively removes the few gallstones in the gallbladder, but also the hundreds and thousands in the liver'.--- Andreas Moritz

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6 Body Parts Doctors Think Are Useless: How Little Do They Know  The gallbladder serves an important digestive function. It is required to emulsify fats. The gallbladder stores bile and bile acids, which emulsify the fat one eats so it can be properly transported through the intestine into the blood stream.  Anyone who has their gallbladder removed needs to take some form of bile salts with every meal for the rest of their life, if they wish to prevent a good percentage of the good fats they eat from being flushed down the toilet. Since most people who remove their gall bladder ignore this advice, this is exactly what happens and they have little absorption of good fats. If one does not have enough fats in the diet, their entire physiology will be disrupted, especially the ability to make hormones and prostaglandins. 

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GALL BLADDER REMEDIES by Bill Sardi Gallstones can be dissolved naturally, with proven methods documented in the scientific literature. Millions of Americans have gallbladder stones and are unaware of the problem. You need to know the subtle signs of gall stones. Learn ways to overcome the discomfort and indigestion after gall bladder surgery. Your gall bladder is going to require life-long maintenance once gallstones have been detected. Learn natural ways to do this at home.

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A person with their gallbladder removed can do all of the cleansing and building programs as normal. Their gall bladder was removed usually because it was packed full (constipated) with fat, cholesterol and stones and the doctors, instead of showing the patient how to clean it out (liver-gallbladder flushes), cut it out.
    This person should do all the bowel cleansing first, ICF#1 and #2 and then do the 5 day cleanse with the liver/gall bladder flushing, the liver gall bladder tonic, and the detox tea. They should just cut all the liver and gall bladder dosages in half to start and then work their way up to normal.
    The gall bladder is like the rectum of the liver. Fats and other wastes that are processed by the liver are deposited in the gall bladder. Then, when it is full, the gall bladder contracts and empties the contents, via the bile duct, into the stomach/small intestine (duodenum).
    When the gall bladder has been removed, it is a sure sign than it has been congested and possible liver disease is around the corner: It is still possible to flush the liver via the bile ducts, although it should be done with a lesser intensity (start with 1/2 dosages and work up to full) and over a longer period of time (two weeks instead of one week) and more frequently (4 to 6 times a year instead of 2 to 3 times a year). [1996] Shulze Biser Heal Your Life videos (transcripts)   Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-natural, at Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body by Andreas Moritz