Enzyme Therapy

Pancreatic enzyme therapy was first used by John Beard in 1902, where he injected pancreatic extracts directly into tumours

"Professor Friedrich Douwes reported over a dozen (pancreas cancer)   cures with his biologic therapy, and enzymologist Karl Ransberger had reported on 38 cases of total remission (collected by no less official than Austrian minister of health) using his world renowned Wobe-Mugos enzyme."---Dr Atkins.

"Since the second decade of this century there has existed an effective, powerful cancer treatment—Enzyme Therapy (ET), based upon this theory (Beard’s), and which is non-toxic, non-mutilating, and highly successful….that ET was not perfected and made universal, is one of the great mysteries of modern times; possibly the greatest of all time."—Dr Richards, MB, BcH.

"Raise the metabolic enzymes in the blood and you have a powerhouse of dissolving solutions that may engulf any unhealthy conditions at any place in the body."—Carson Pierce, N.D.

The Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. and John Beard Memorial Research Resource A collection of papers bearing on the unitarian or Trophoblastic Fact of Cancer and related works on Metabolic Therapy http://www.navi.net/~rsc/krebsall.htm