Dr Robert Atkins, M.D.

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"In my view, cancer is a controllable chronic illness.  Alternative doctors are not only concerned with attacking the cancer; we're also supporting the body fully, striving to make it stronger so that it can fight cancer for us, rather than just sit on the sidelines, not being allowed to perform its usual cancer-controlling functions."

"There is no better example of the weakness of our dominant medicine than its clearly ineffective War On Cancer.  By the same token, there is no better example of the superiority of complementary, alternative medicine than its management of this dread disease….we are equally concerned about whether mainstream medicine’s demand for proof works to maintain it at its current level of ineptitude."---Dr Atkins, M.D.

"714 X doesn't kill the cancer cells directly but blocks them from feeding themselves.  I find it to be a valuable adjunct to other treatments."

"Amygdalin (laetrile) is another key component for keeping cancer from growing and should be considered a standard, entirely safe treatment for all cancer patients."

"Essiac is a therapeutic tea that all cancer patients can benefit from."

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For a complete picture of Dr Atkin's model for treating cancer---Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer (1997) by John Diamond, M.D. & Lee Cowden, M.D with Burton Goldberg ISBN 1887299017

Dr. Atkin's Health Revolution (1988) ISBN 0395467802

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"Professor Friedrich Douwes reported over a dozen (pancreas cancer)   cures with his biologic therapy, and enzymologist Karl Ransberger had reported on 38 cases of total remission (collected by no less official than Austrian minister of health) using his world renowned Wobe-Mugos enzyme."---Dr Atkins.