Evangelical Christianity

['Evangelical Christianity', a euphemism for near perfect mind control by the Psychopaths.  The psychopaths will be the Authoritarian leaders, the blind followers the Authoritarian followers.]

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[book] To Train Up a Child by Michael Pearl

[2012 May] War, Press TV and Death By Political Correctness by Gordon Duff  The primary religion of Jesuits, high ranking Evangelical Christians, members of powerful organizations (we all know the list), congress and the Pentagon is Satanism.  The number of high level confirmations I have on this are frightening.  The more “Christian” or “religious” people appear, the more Satanist they are. Satanists are bad. Bad means they are immoral, they commit hideous acts using their power as cover and have total control of our courts and law enforcement mechanism and the leadership of both political parties.

[2011 Sept] Are Evangelical Christians Warmongers? by Chuck Baldwin  Let’s get this straight right out of the gate: nothing touched by man can be perfect, because none of us is perfect. There is no perfect church, perfect school, perfect mission board, perfect Sunday School class, perfect pastor, perfect deacon, or perfect Christian. Until the afterlife, we are all yet encased in Adamic flesh, complete with human weaknesses and imperfections. And only the Pharisaical among us are too proud to admit it.
.......The biggest cheerleaders for the unprovoked, unconstitutional, pre-emptive attack and invasion of Iraq were evangelical Christians. Ditto for the war in Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya, the attacks in Yemen, etc. Who is calling for the bombing of Iran? Evangelical Christians. Who cheers for sending more and more troops all over the world to maim and kill more and more people (including innocents)? Evangelical Christians. Shoot (pun intended)! Most evangelical Christians didn’t even bat an eye when the federal government sent military and police personnel to murder American citizens, including old men, women, and children–Christian old men, women, and children, no less–outside Waco, Texas.

[2011 Oct] Peru shaman murders investigated  Roger Rumrrill, an expert on Peruvian Amazon cultures and a government adviser, said some of the victims’ bodies were thrown into rivers, to be devoured by piranhas and other fish. He alleged that the mayor, who is an evangelical Christian, ordered the killings on hearing that the shamans planned to form an association. He said the mayor’s brother was known in the area as a matabrujos or witch killer. For Protestant sects, the shamans are possessed by the devil; a totally sectarian, primitive and racist concept,” he said....."The death of these shamans represents not just a tragic loss of life, but the loss of a huge body of knowledge about rainforest plants and the crucial role shamans play in traditional medicine and spiritual guidance in indigenous communities."

"Steeped in political traditions, anti-immigration, anti-education, prone to violence and anti-government feeling and influenced by Scofield’s outlandish “science fiction” mythologies, this group, a major voting block, is, perhaps, the most easily controlled population in the world.
    No other group would vote away their own security, their own rights, their own well being, no other group would throw away democracy so quickly as Christian Evangelists.
Their darker traditions are a literary subculture in America, one of “preachers” who are generally, not just carnival entertainers but thieves and sexual predators.
    Their real roots are race hatred, the primal fear that “well endowed” black males are secretly sought as sexual partners by their “womenfolk,” who are second class citizens in their subcultural traditions. 
    This is called “the Mandingo syndrome.” 
    The current “Mandingo” is President Barak Obama, whose very presence emasculates millions of American males in what are called “red states.” 
    There would have been no 9/11 without this group cheering on wars, supporting torture and remaining utterly oblivious to science and reality."---[2011 Aug] 9/11: Infiltration and Derailment By Gordon Duff

They (religious fundamentalists) are highly likely to be authoritarian followers. They are highly submissive to established authority aggressive in the name of that authority and conventional to the point of insisting everyone should behave as their authorities decide. They are fearful and self-righteous and have a lot of hostility in them that they readily direct toward various out-groups They are easily incited, easily led, rather un-inclined to think for themselves, largely impervious to facts and reason, and rely instead on social support to maintain their beliefs. They bring strong loyalty to their in-groups. have thick-walled, highly compartmentalized minds, use a lot of double standards in their judgments, are surprisingly unprincipled at times, and are often hypocrites.
    But they are also Teflon-coated when it comes to guilt. They are blind to themselves, ethnocentric and prejudiced, and as closed-minded as they are narrow-minded. They can be woefully uninformed about things they oppose, but they prefer ignorance and want to make others become as ignorant as they. They are also surprisingly uninformed about the things they say they believe in, and deep, deep, deep down inside many of them have secret doubts about their core belief. But they are very happy, highly giving, and quite zealous. In fact, they are about the only zealous people around nowadays in North America which explains a lot of their success in their endless (and necessary) pursuit of converts.
    I want to emphasize also that all of the above is based on studies in which, if the opposite were true instead, that would have been shown. This is not just "somebody's opinion." It's what the fundamentalists themselves said and did.  And it adds up to a truly depressing bottom line. Read the two paragraphs above again and consider how much of it would also apply to the people who filled the stadium at the Nuremberg Rallies. I know this comparison will strike some as outrageous, and I'm NOT saying religion turns people into Nazis. But does anybody believe the ardent Nazi followers in Germany or Mussolini's faithful in Italy or Franco's legions in Spain were a bunch of atheists? Being' religious" does not automatically build a firewall against accepting totalitarianism, and when fundamentalist religions teach authoritarian submission, authoritarian aggression, and conventionalism, they help create the problem. Can we not see how easily religious fundamentalists would lift a would-be dictator aloft as part of a "great movement," and give it their all? [Book 2006] The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer