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Men find women more attractive with LESS make-up on

The Strange Life and Death of Alexander McQueen

Milla Jovovich: How To Get Ahead In Illuminati Hollywood

[2011 Nov] Donatella Versace: Mind Control Handler in H&M Ad

[2010] Meet Terry Richardson, The World’s Most F—ked Up Fashion Photographer

[2010 March] Exclusive: More Models Come Forward With Allegations Against Fashion Photographer

Karen Mulder: Depersonalized Monarch Doll

[2010] The End of the Supermodel

[2010] Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business by 'feliciag'  About the casting couch and prostituting out young models and actresses - this was why I gave up on show business... Suffice it to say that I had a TV show host, an assistant director on another TV show, and several "modelling agents" pretty much present the classic deal with the devil. You get work on TV or in films, but you work sporadically since jobs are not always available and the competition for women in the industry is so bad. In between you earn a living as a call girl/escort and you're often working for the same people who are in a position to get you bigger and more consistent acting work, so you want to stay on their good side. It's kind of a "pay to play" situation. You pay with your sexuality and remain on call 24/7 for these creepy guys, and if you're lucky, you might get some real acting work out of the deal. I kept ending up right at the brink of getting serious TV roles and some movie parts and always hit that wall where it was pretty much "do this or we just get the next girl to do it." There's no incentive for the system NOT to do this because so many men and women fall into it willingly.
...Models also end up in this situation, only it starts very young for them, since a model's career is usually over by 25. They start working at 13 - 16 and begin working as prostitutes from day one in addition to going on modeling calls. Because models also have to keep an extremely, inhumanly thin physique, they are fed cocaine the very first time they are at a modelling shoot, usually, and this keeps them lively and bouncy for the photo shoot, lowers their sexual inhibitions, and makes them feel part of the "adult" crowd.
    I have lived on a property where many Ralph Lauren and other high profile clothes catalogue shoots have been held, in addition to many women's magazines shooting photo spreads there. Cocaine was handed out at the refreshment table much of the time. (I usually showed up, grabbed a snack, and left! I couldn't believe how open the drug use was. The models were sickly thin but looked great in the bulky clothes. )

[2009] Troubled supermodel Karen Mulder arrested after 'threatening to attack her plastic surgeon'

[2009] Suicide And Abuse In Fashion’s Top Echelon

[2009] 'We might need to see you without your bra, he told me. I was 14. I didn't even have breasts yet'  Halfway through the meeting Cech is asked to strip. She does as instructed and takes off her clothes. Then the photographer starts undressing as well. "Baby - can you do something a little sexy," he tells her. The photographer's assistant, who is watching, eggs her on. What's supposed to be the casting for a high-end fashion shoot turns into something more like an audition for a top-shelf magazine. The famous photographer demands to be touched sexually. "Sena - can you grab his cock and twist it real hard," his assistant tells her. "He likes it when you squeeze it real hard and twist it."

[2009] Prince Albert's secrets under threat from rebel spy

[2009] Alleged Intelligence Adviser Makes Lurid Claims About Prince Albert  Eringer says he exposed one of the prince's so-called friends who had a videotape of Prince Albert engaged in a sex act with a young stripper on his 44th birthday. He claims the man was showing the tape at parties around Monaco, saying, "This is what I have on your prince."

[2009] Modeling And The Tragedy Of Karen Mulder   It came after she laid a formal rape complaint in France against Prince Albert. It came after she said, "My job distracted me from my worries. It enabled me not to be myself, to pretend I was someone else." It came after a notorious appearance on French television where her various claims — that men at Elite had raped her, that she had been coerced into having sex to garner better contracts, that Elite had used her and other models as sex slaves in a ring that extended through the top echelons of French society, implicating politicians, members of the police, and other top officials, that her own father had raped her, that she had been sexually abused by a family friend from the age of 2, that she had been hypnotized and raped, kidnapped and raped, and raped some more — were regarded as so potentially libelous that France 2 not only never aired the segment, but destroyed the master tape. No matter: In a series of more-or-less coherent magazine interviews, Mulder repeated most of her accusations, and added that her agency had encouraged her to use cocaine and heroin. She told the Daily Mail, "They tried to turn me into a prostitute because they thought it would be so easy. I was raped by two bookers. I reported them and they were fired. Another time I was shut in the office of [a high-profile man from the modeling world] for a whole day. All these people who betrayed me I used to love very much. Then I realized how big the conspiracy was. It brought in the government and police, who both used Elite girls. People have tried to kidnap and poison me."
    Her suicide attempt came after she was packed off to Montsouris hospital and heavily sedated for five months of treatment for depression and anxiety. (Gerald Marie, the head of Elite Paris and one of the men Mulder had accused of raping her, paid.) It came after Marie was filmed on hidden camera by the BBC trying to give a 15-year-old model £300 for sex, and bragging of how many entrants to the Elite Model Look competition — average age 15 — he was going to sleep with that year.

Terry Richardson: Illuminati FTW


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Disturbing Sex Kitten French Vogue Photoshoot Featuring Children

[2009] 'I was abused as a child and sexually assaulted

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[2008] 'Face of Asia' model jumps 150ft to her death

[2008] Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo  by Keith Harmon Snow  The diamond jewellery trade in the United States is more than $30 billion annually, and 99%—everything that is not synthetic or artificial diamonds—involves blood diamonds and the above organized crime syndicates.

[1996] Death by Design