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Ursula Haverbeck Once Again Sentenced to Jail in Germany

[2016 July] Germany: Since 1945 a Vassal State to Israel  What sort of nation throws 87-year-old women into jail for speaking the truth? Certainly not one that can consider itself to be a functioning free and fair democracy.

[2015 June] Police search house, prepare charges against German Holocaust skeptic


English translation by KZ Kladderadatsch
Published on 22 Dec 2014. This nice little old German lady is breaking the law. What she says in twenty minutes in this video could land her in prison for up to five years. That law is wrong.
Find out why, as Ursula Haverbeck challenges "The Greatest Problem of Our Time."
Visit Ursula's site (in German):
Read the text of Germany's Criminal Code Section 130 ("Agitation of the People"), especially subsection 3:
Send a message to German Chancellor Angela Merkel telling her what you think of the suppression of freedom of speech and conscience in Germany under section 130: (Try to be polite now!)

Published on 6 Jun 2015.  In May, 2015, Ursula Haverbeck (an extremely "sprite" AND "well-read" 86 year old woman.!) "made history"., in what can only be called a truly defiant video interview (with Robert Bongen) done by a German magazine called "Geo Panorama", in which she "threw down the gauntlet" to the biggest "taboo" of our times. Namely., World War II "historical revisionism"., and no less., on a nation-wide German television station..!! She coves such a vast amount of topics & details, and even near the end of the interview, speaks about a few of the truly disgusting topics in the Jewish Talmud... It was a truly "seismic" event..!!

I was notified about this interview by one of my "loyal subscribers", for which I am TRULY thankful.!! The only problem (at the time of me writing this), is that every copy of it on the internet, must be watched "on-line" in order to see the subtitles :-(

Sooo., after searching for an "srt" (subtitle) file of the transcript, I was then able to "hard-code" it into this video here, so that now anyone can download this version of the interview (using "YTD downloader" or any other program), and then be able to share it with others in whatever way they wish, all without an internet connection, and / or the fear / concern, that "TPTB" (the powers that be) will someday decide to "pull" this incredible (AND subtitled) interview off the internet..!!!

In the end, when the interviewer says "You know the things you say and believe in., that the Holocaust did not happen., could naturally land you in prison"., her response is., "Well then, that's just a risk I have to take, if people want to do that. It's better to stick to your beliefs". And then also adds a few notable quotes, such as: "If you will not stake your life., you'll never win life as your prize"., also., "If a people is ready to pay the price for freedom., then no one can make them un-free" It just depends on the price, one is ready to pay..!!

God bless this truly courageous AND well articulated woman for her bravery AND service to her people...!