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Gordon Brown puts Israel lobbyist in charge of Britain's Middle East policy

By Redress Information & Analysis, 11 June 2009



“My responsibility for the Middle East Peace Process is particularly poignant. I have never hidden my pride at being Jewish or my support for the State of Israel’s right to exist free from terror and hostility."

- Jewish MP Ivan Lewis, Bury Times, 10th June 2009

Britain’s prime minister has put a notorious pro-Israel lobbyist in charge of policy in the Middle East, Iraq and Iran, reaffirming his determination to continue with his Zionist policies even as his administration approaches the end of its life.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appointed an Israeli agent of influence and proponent of genocide in Gaza to a key position at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Britain’s foreign ministry.

On 9 June, Ivan Lewis was given a major promotion in Mr Brown’s government when he was appointed Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with responsibility for Middle East policy, Iraq, Iran, counterterrorism and Anglo-American relations. According to one source, he is now “just one step away from the cabinet”.

Speaking after his promotion, Mr Lewis said: “My responsibility for the Middle East peace process is particularly poignant. I have never hidden my pride at being Jewish or my support for the State of Israel”.

Gordon Brown (L) with Jewish policy chief Ivan Lewis (R)

According to the Independent newspaper, Mr Lewis’s appointment has “raised eyebrows in the Foreign Office”. It said:

Lewis has a long history of interest in the region as vice-chair of the Labour Friends of Israel. Earlier this year, he became – not without controversy – one of the most outspoken political supporters of Israel's military assault on Gaza. Critics can't help but wonder how objective Lewis is likely to be in his new post.

Mr Lewis is also a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust, a body founded in 1988 by British pro-Israel lobbyists Greville Janner and Merlyn Rees with the aim of maintaining a culture of gentile guilt and Jewish victimhood in British schools.

Ivan Lewis’s support for the racist state of Israel and for the genocide in Gaza is not the only example of his questionable morality.

In 2007, when he was junior health minister, he was forced to apologise to a civil servant, Susan Mason, after she told managers she was unhappy with the nature of their relationship.

It emerged that Mr Lewis, who at the time was 40 years old, had been sexually harassing Ms Mason, aged 23, with numerous smutty text messages. After complaining to her bosses, Mr Lewis’s victim was moved to a different job before resigning from the Civil Service. Speaking of her former boss, she said: "He wasn't the nicest man to work for."

A year earlier, Mr Lewis had walked out on his wife of 16 years, Juliette, and their two sons, aged nine and 11, in order to have an affair with a 50-year-old councillor, Margaret Gibb.


Addendum 1

Lewis was one of the speakers at a big pro-Israel rally in Manchester in January 2009, during the Israeli Gaza massacre. According to The Jewish Chronicle, January 15, 2009, Lewis attended the rallly as one of the main speakers, together with the cream of Zionists like Deputy Israeli Ambassador Talya Lador-Fresher, MP Louise Ellman and the pro-Israel propaganda organization Bicom´s head and former MP Lorna Fitzsimons and Henry Grunwald, president of the Board of Deputies and chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council.

Mr Ivan Lewis, speaking at the pro-Israel Manchester rally said,a ccording to the JC:

“It is essential that we send a clear and responsible message from the great city of Manchester that this community stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel.”


Mr. Lewis, who proclaims that he has "never hidden my pride at being Jewish or my support for the State of Israel’s right to exist free from terror and hostility" and who believes "this community stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel”, has in the position of FO representative to the Middle East visited Lebanon and Syria in August 2009. 

Not surpisingly this Zionist Jew - in British Foreign Ministry clothing - used the opportunity to attack the Lebanese resistance movement, the Hezbollah:

British Foreign Ministry Jew Ivan Lewis "very, very concerned" at Hezbollah's Re-Arming (video from Beirut, 6th Aug, 2009)



Addendum 2

In another article in The Jewish Chronicle, it is revealed how Britain´s Jewish Foreign Minister David Miliband misuses his political clout - as does his likewise Jewish colleague Ivan Lewis in the FO - to attack anti-Israel dissent within the Labour movement:


Stop boycotting, Miliband tells unions

By Leon Symons

The Jewish Chronicle, June 25, 2009

The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has expressed dismay that Israel boycotts are being discussed by trade union congresses and conferences.

He said this week: “Ivan Lewis, minister of state responsible for the Middle East, is meeting representatives of leading British unions in order to make clear the government’s firm belief that calls for boycotts of Israel cannot and do not contribute to peace.

“British people of all backgrounds are distressed and frustrated by the Arab-Israeli conflict. Many wish to take action to advance the goals of peace and justice, a response I understand and share intensely.

“But I am saddened when this proactive energy is channelled into boycotting economic and academic events, as well as cultural events which seek to increase understanding.

“Such boycotts would, I believe, obstruct opportunities for co-operation and dialogue and serve only to polarise debate further. Boycotts would only make it harder to achieve the peace that both Palestinians and Israelis deserve and desire.

“Rather than seeking to boycott, I urge the British unions to help find a shared solution to common challenges, and I am encouraged that they are ready to do so. [...]