Hart Van Riper
March of Dimes  Polio

[2000] ''Hart E. Van Riper, 95, a pediatrician who was medical director of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, forerunner of the March of Dimes, when it funded the polio vaccine research of Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin. The foundation was created in 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was afflicted by poliomyelitis, a viral inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord that causes paralysis. The virus was prone to attack children and had caused a record epidemic in the early 1950s. By then the foundation was raising about $50 million a year to underwrite a search for a safe vaccine. Van Riper, whose wife contracted polio as an adult, oversaw the research efforts that eventually led to the development of the Salk and Sabin vaccines. By 1955, the foundation had financed the inoculation of 6.5 million children with the Salk vaccine. Under Van Riper's leadership, the foundation organized the first International Poliomyelitis Conference in 1948, which helped make polio research an international issue. An Illinois native, he practiced pediatrics in Madison, Wis., and worked in the Children's Bureau of the U.S. Labor Department before joining the infantile paralysis foundation in New York in 1945, stepping down in 1956. For the next 14 years he was medical director and vice president of Geigy Pharmaceuticals in New York. On Nov. 4 in Indianapolis.'' http://articles.latimes.com/2000/nov/13/local/me-51168


JOURNAL of the American Medical Association 105 no. 14 (Oct. 5, 1935) : 1089-1093
Page 5. We were able to render mice susceptible to the virus of poliomyelitis by subjecting them to repeated x-ray exposures and to transfer the infectious agent serially to normal mice. 
Page 7. They have shown that the exposure of mice to x-rays renders them susceptible to the infection and it may be that some such method will be developed by which virus will be available on a large scale. “
And from the book by those who committed the greatest fraud in medical history. “NEW INFORMATION FOR PHYSICIANS on the SALK POLIOMYELITIS VACCINE—edited by Hart E. Van Riper, M.D. National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis –Number 3 . June 1956.
This information comes from Thomas M. Rivers, M.D. see my website on this shyster.
“The administration of cortisone to test animals makes them more susceptible to poliomyelitis virus infection (and in fact to most other kinds of infection). “
And that is how the con-game works. They make an animal sick in the lab. They take the infection which they call virus and inject that into another animal. If the animal survives, they claim the poison infection that they injected is the reason for survival. And if the animal dies they blame the animal. 
This laboratory madness has NOTHING to do with the cause of NATURAL dis-ease. For the cause of natural dis-ease see my website. Read the pages by Dr. J. Tilden. The true cause of disease.
In 1935 Park and Brodie injected 12,000 kids with the same vaccine that Salk said he invented in 1954. 6 of those kids died. They at least had the sense to stop the madness. And Thomas M. Rivers was involved with that tragedy also.


Dr. Hart Edgar Van Riper, Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Thomas Rivers onscreen at telecast on the report of the development of the poliomyelitis vaccine

Wes Kenney giving instructions to the principals five mintues before going on air. Seated in the center - Dr. Hart Edgar Van Riper, Medical Director of the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis.