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Homeopathic Imprinter Maker (& Son) Poisoned at San Diego Health Expo; Later Died

[Editor's Note: I read about the imprinter mentioned here from Alan Stang's last book. I was greatly impressed with its capabilities and had planned on getting one myself. I was shocked to read that the owner of the company and his son were murdered in such an underhanded fashion. I had called their office and talked to a woman there about 2 years ago. I hope that the son who took over the business will prosper and remain safe. Our prayers go out to him and his family. ..Ken Adachi]
March 30, 2011

Subject: colloidal silver generator
From: Cindy
Date: Wed, March 30, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

The summer of 2009, I purchased a colloidal silver generator from you. I am now into making a lot of new things. Last summer I learned how to make my own herbal extracts and now started the Heart and Body Extract advertized on the net at Jeff Rense website.

I also use a Homeopathic Imprinter & Potentizer, which Bruce Taylor sold from his business Eagle Research LLC in South Carolina, along with some other frequency appliances. I met Bruce at a small health fair in Grand Rapids, Michigan about 4-5 years ago. He was retired from the Air Force and explained to us about chem-trails vs con-trails.

Bruce and his son attended a big Health Fair in San Diego about a year ago. Someone came up to him, as well as his son, to shake hands. As the handshake took place, they were being injected with something. Both got sick, were in the hospital for about 3 months, and died.

Bruce's other son is continuing the buisness.

Ken, hope when someone approaches you for a real friendly handshake and a ' How are YOU', please get away from him/her as fast as you can. The evil side does not like us and does not play games. I am so sorry for the lose of Bruce and his one son.

I just finished Cathy O'Brien's book Trans-Formation of America. She wrote it in 1995. Hope she and Mark Philips are still alive. It is such a small world. Her handler Alex Houston had been entertaining as a tranquilocist in many towns, fairs, bars and other entertainment establishmnets. He performed along with my ex, who left me, a little 5'2" woman, to rear our four half-grown children by myself from 1974. What a punishement for being a good person when I started to go to church regularly in about 1968.

This vertical relationship I had from then on with God helped me survive, which my ex did not want to see. Have not had a chance to purchase Brice Taylor's book or get some info about Cisco Wheeler yet. But what Cathy shared in her book is hair raising, even if only 1/10 of what she says in this book is true. How many other woman and children have been and are being abused to such a high degree in our own country and perhaps world wide ?

Yet the system this ruling scum has set up for themselves is pretty much keeping them in power and protects them from ever receiving any kind of punishment for the crimes they are commiting against humanity. They have enough scalar/solar space weaponry all set up, where we/humanity worldwide is not going to be able to defend ourselves against them. I keep asking my heavenly father to turn all their weaponry to boomerang back on them instead of continue to harm humanity, so that they will finally reap what they have been sowing all their lives.

God knows who they are, the ones who will never come to repentence and get over on the good/God side in their life. He needs to remove them.

I make orgone and have seen a strange thing about a year ago, where one medium sized jet ( not a big commercial airliner, more like a military craft ) flew from a south easterly direction to turn north in the vacinity of my house ( I live in a rural area sparcly populated), flew a few miles north, turned around and flew the same distance back going south and again turning back to the left into the direction it had come from. However, as it turned form going north to going back like back-tracking its flight, it let out some spray for a short distance.

Now that was weird. The air currant of course did not let this settle on my property. Strange stuff I'd say. Another incident was in a dream, where in about the same area of the sky just a little north of my house, there seemed what was a camera lense or eye in the sky directed into the direction of my house. There was not too much content to this dream, so I did my warfare on that one.

I want to make a bucket buster. I Have all the ingredients except copper pipeing. Will ask my plumber in the next few days if he has some shorter pieces for me to purchase. Please share any thoughts you have concerning anything, which I shared in this mail with me.

I live in the western Michigan area 5 miles east from a very small town, which houses one of our State Universities. The University has more students in its school than we have population in this city. 40 miles east from my place is another state university named Central Michigan U. Since I also spread orgone on the periphery of the campus a couple of years ago (I used the 3 oz orgone pugs, muffin sized at every walk and road-intersection, since this campus is a walking facility ) also some of the periphery of our county and 4-5 of those smaller pugs at the base of each water tower, I noticed about a year ago that they put heavier vertical bars on the bellies and crowns of those water towers of which we have three in town.

I plan on making the 8-10 oz orgones only from now on, since they put out more etheric energy.

Thank you Ken