Jon King


[2014] Lady Die (Docu)

[2009] PRINCESS DIANA: THE EVIDENCE by Jon King & John Beveridge

[2001] Hidden Evidence by John King and John Beveridge
    Book review by Stephen Reid

[vid] Princess Diana Evidence of Assassination: Jon King on Edge Media TV Boston Brakes, Camilla car accident (20:00), Land mines (32) 200 Million land mines deployed around the world, 200 million stockpiled, 3 weeks after Diana died Clinton did a U turn on banning land mines, CCTV (35) turned inwards, 3 vehicles disappeared without trace (40), Anderson in tunnel (47), Professor Dominique Lecompte (50), Boston Brakes assassination (1:00:00), seat belt jammed (1:00:44), media primed (1:00:20), Tomlinson got at, Henri Paul MI6 agent, patsy (1:12:00), embalmed illegally, Keith Moss gave order who was Consul general at British embassy (1:20:00), Burrell ordered to burn her personal belongings, crucial forensic evidence (1:23:00), Charles had team of embalmers with him when he went to France incase French didn't get there first (1:24:00), engagement ring (1:25:00), DA Ministry of Defence notice to pull newspaper story around his book (1:34:00)

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