by Jon King & John Beveridge


‘ The Book The British Government Tried To Ban! ’



‘Princess Diana: The Evidence’ tells how the authors were forewarned of an imminent prime-target assassination just a week before Diana’s crash in Paris, and how they subsequently discovered that:

*French paparazzo and MI6 agent James Andanson, owner of a white Fiat Uno identical to the one involved in the crash, was planning to publish compromising photographs of the crash scene in a book when he was found dead in his burnt-out car 400 miles from where he should have been.

* Princess Diana was unable to wear her seatbelt because it was “jammed in the retracted position”, according to the official UK investigation.

* The Mercedes in which Diana died, the "only available car" on the night, was stolen at gunpoint prior to the crash; its EMS – the onboard computer-chip that controls the steering and brakes – was stolen and replaced.

* The 'Boston brakes' is a known method of assassination by ‘road traffic accident' developed by the CIA and adopted by the world’s intelligence services; it involves taking over the target vehicle’s steering and brakes by remotely controlling its on-board EMS.

* Other examples of assassination by ‘road traffic accident’ have occurred over the years, and are cited in the book.

* A parallel plot to assassinate Camilla Parker Bowles was foiled in June 1997, just weeks before Diana's 'accident', when Prince Charles's mistress survived her own near-fatal 'road traffic accident'.

* The CIA and NSA possess files revealing their complicity in the operation that killed Diana; these files also reveal that the British establishment was concerned that Diana might have been pregnant with Dodi Fayed's child.

* Diana was illegally embalmed in order to cover up her possible pregnancy and the order to embalm her was given by a very senior British diplomat named in the book.

Moreover, the authors discover...

* That all CCTV cameras lining the route from the Ritz Hotel to the crash tunnel were somehow inexplicably "turned inwards" on the night Diana died; thus no video footage of the journey or the crash exists.

* That it took nearly 2 hours to get Diana to a hospital 3.25 miles from the crash scene, and that the ambulance "stopped for a further ten minutes" outside the hospital gates, having driven past at least one fully equipped hospital en route.

* That the crash tunnel was swept clean, disinfected and reopened within hours of the crash, destroying crucial forensic evidence.

* That chauffeur Henri Paul, officially blamed for Diana's death, was a part-time intelligence agent who met with his intelligence handlers hours before the crash.

* That the blood sample on which the official verdict was based was never DNA-identified, that the blood tested was stored in a phial labelled “unknown male”, and that carbon-monoxide tests concluded that the blood could not have belonged to Henri Paul.

* That two senior MI6 officers plus the Queen's Private Secretary were allegedly present in the British Embassy in Paris on the night of the crash, and that these officials ordered staff manning the communications room to leave.

* That French paparazzo, part-time MI6 agent and white Fiat Uno owner, James Andanson, who told friends he took compromising photographs in the crash tunnel and that he intended to publish them in a book, was found ‘burnt to death’ with a bullet hole in his head just weeks before his photographic archive was stolen at gunpoint by three armed raiders. The photographs would never be seen again.

* That Diana's butler, Paul Burrell, was ordered by one of Diana's closest friends to burn the princess's blood-stained clothes immediately they arrived back in London, destroying crucial forensic evidence.


“Don’t meddle in things that you know nothing about because you know accidents can happen.”

Former British Armed Forces Minister and personal friend of Prince Charles, Nicholas Soames MP, from an alleged telephone conversation with Diana on her return from Angola, 1997, just weeks before her death.

* “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury, in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry.”

Princess Diana, November 1995.

* “Prince Philip wants to see me dead.”

Princess Diana, November 1995 [Operation Paget Report, page 108].

* “I am a threat in their eyes. They only use me when they need me for official functions and then they drop me again in the darkness… they are not going to kill me by poisoning me or in a big plane where others will get hurt. They will either do it when I am on a small plane, in a car when I am driving or in a helicopter.”

Princess Diana, speaking to friend Roberto Devorik, August 1996.

* “Dear Simone, as you know, the brakes of my car have been tampered with. If something does happen to me it will be MI5 or MI6 who will have done it. Lots of love, Diana.”

Princess Diana, in a note to friend Simone Simmons, 1995.

* “Diana told me personally, during a holiday in the South of France, that the person who is spearheading these threats is Prince Philip … She told me it would happen either in a helicopter or a car.”

Mohamed Al Fayed, October, 2003.

* Princess Diana/Jorg Haider Deaths Correlations...