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''1937 Dr. Jungeblut  demonstrates that ascorbate (Vit C) inactivated tetanus toxin.'' ~  Andrew W. Saul
''1935 Jungeblut  also shows that vitamin C inactivates diphtheria toxin.' ~  Andrew W. Saul

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[2013] Vitamin C and polio by Andrew W. Saul  Within two years after the discovery of ascorbic acid, Jungeblut showed that ascorbic acid would inactivate the virus of poliomyelitis. This was followed, in 1936-1937, in rapid succession by other workers showing similar inactivation of other viruses: by Holden et al., using the herpes virus; by Kligler and Bernkopf, on the vaccina virus, by Lagenbusch and Enderling, with the virus of hoof-and-mouth disease; by Amato, on the rabies virus; by Lominski, using bacteriophage; and by Lojkin and Martin, with the tobacco mosaic disease virus. Thus, at this early date it was established that ascorbic acid had the potential of being a wide-spectrum antiviral agent. Here was a new "magic bullet" that was effective against a wide variety of viruses and was known to be completely harmless. . . (T)his work was being carried out in the pre-Salk days. Then, all a doctor could do in a polio case was apply symptomatic relief and hope for the best. An epidemic could run its course without much interference from medicine and an effective, harmless virucide would have been a priceless commodity. Jungeblut continued his work and published a series of papers from 1936 to 1939 in which he showed that the administration of ascorbic acid to monkeys infected with poliomyelitis produced a distinct reduction in the severity of the disease and enhanced their resistance to it.

Key papers regarding vitamin C include:

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