Levy Izhak Rosenbaum
Organ Harvesting   Judaism

[Orthodox rabbi]

[2011 Oct] NY organ trafficker admits buying kidneys in Israel for $10,000... and selling them in U.S. for $120,000  anthropologist and organ trade expert Nancy Scheper-Hughes, who described Israel as a 'pariah' in the organ transplant world, has said in the past that many of the donors were desperately poor immigrants from eastern European countries such as Moldova, Romania and Russia.  They say the recipients are leading healthy lives thanks to Rosenbaum.....The probe led to 46 arrests, including several rabbis, the New York Daily News reports......Prosecutors said he bought the organs from vulnerable people in Israel for as little as $10,000, then sold them here for a minimum of $120,000.

[2010] Body Parts and Bio-Piracy by Nancy Scheper-Hughes