Lily Ebert
Eye Witnesses

[2016 June] Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 2)  Sitting in her London home with interviewer Matthew Tucker, Lily doesn’t seem too keen to answer awkward questions relating to times and dates—questions that might possibly catch her out in little lies, inconsistencies and exaggerations. Tucker writes: “Lily rejects a traditional style of interview, preferring to tell her story her way. “The truth is, I know what I want to say,” she tells me. “I don’t need questions.”  That’s interesting. Lily prepares her Holocaust script in advance in order to prevent embarrassing slip-ups. It wouldn’t do, after all, if some curious child should ask her innocently, “Where is Auschwitz, Mrs Ebert? Is it in Germany or Poland?” and if Lily should answer: “I’m not sure. I’ll have to check. I think it’s, um, in Germany.”  No, that wouldn’t do at all!