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Flat Earth  Heliocentrism

[Try and book a one stop flight from Buenos Aires to Cape Town, or Melbourne to Cape Town.  Quantas and Argentine Airlines don't even have flight to Cape Town, let alone anyone fly the 'short route' over Antarctica.]

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[vid] Emergency birth proves the Earth is FLAT  "The flights remain an interesting aspect of the Flat Earth.  Here is a story of a woman unexpectedly delivering a baby while en route from Los Angeles to Bali. The pilot makes an emergency landing in..............Alaska.   On a ball Earth this is next to impossible, it would involved a detour of thousands of miles. On the Flat Earth (see below), it's en route.   Recently, a friend of mine told his brother about the Flat Earth. The brother is a pilot with Dutch carrier KLM. His first reaction was of course to reject the notion out of hand.  But then he said he was always wondering about his Amsterdam-San Francisco flights: he was coming in from more or less the North, while a ball Earth map suggests he should come in from the East. On the Flat Earth, entering San Francisco from the North is to be expected."

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"This is a screenshot of flight radar, you will never see any aircraft fly across the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific"  http://www.flightradar24.com/21.87,110.65/2

Pulled out my video when I flew from England to Texas in 1999. Luckily I was able to get a quick shot of the flight path from the screen on back of the seat in front of me.  I never understood why we flew way up north, and then dropped down through Canada, flying over Ottawa, Toronto and Great Lakes. That made no sense to me 17 years ago.. but it does now. I mapped it on the flat Earth map. Makes perfect sense. Mind. Blown.