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[Planet, Aeroplane. NASA never went to the moon, see Moon landing hoax & International Space Station hoax.  All ball Earth pictures are fake.  It is easy to prove it's flat with simple experiments and observations like the Bedford Level Experiment, and others here: The Measurable Non-Curvature of the Flat Earth.  The horizon is always flat, and seen from a distance no building or ship tilts, as it should, on a ball earth.  Circumstantial evidence is the fact they have made Antarctica off limits.  It is absurd to believe we are on a ball spinning at 1,000 miles per hour, and somehow, miraculously, everyone thinks they are dead upright!  But it sure is easy to sell Atheism with a ball earth and Heliocentrism, as it is sure was dumb creation not to create a home that was flat and still, to live on.]

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The Flat Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay
[2016] The Greatest Lie on Earth by Edward Hendrie
[1885] One Hundred Proofs The Earth Is Not A Globe By William Carpenter
[1899] Zetetic Cosmogony

If the earth is flat or round, what difference does it make?
China, USA and Russia are one and the same at the top

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Ball Earth gatekeepers: Cox, Brian   Neil de Grasse Tyson  Bill Nye

one hundred proofs the earth is not a globe by william carpenter

[vid] Earth Theory - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 39

Earth Not a Globe!  An Experimental Inquiry into the True Figure of the Earth: Proving it a Plane, Without Axial or Orbital Motion; and the Only Material World in the Universe

[2016 Dec] A MAZING! Flat Earth and the WAY OUT?!

[2015 June] Flat Earth Shill Wall of Shame

[2015 Feb] The Measurable Non-Curvature of the Flat Earth

[2015 Jan] The Always Horizontal Horizon Proves Earth Flat

$5,000 for Proving the Earth is a Globe (Oct, 1931)


Bedford Level Experiment The Bedford Level Experiment was a series of observations carried out along a six-mile length of the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level, Norfolk, England.  The experiment was often performed during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Most results have served to prove Flat Earth Theory, and although a few have claimed otherwise they have been soundly disproved by Flat Earthers. The Bedford Level Experiment remains one of the most widely-accepted examples of Flat Earth proof.

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