Mercury levels in fish vs vaccine mercury

[Babies don't eat fish, not 6 ounces at a go, which contains (Tuna) c. 60 mcg of mercury, the amount u get in one round of vaccines, and mercury in fish doesn't get injected straight into yr bloodstream by passing the outer defences of the immune system.]

 Shawn Siegel:The significant difference between ingestion and injection is a critical vaccine topic. In particular, vaccine proponents, parroting what they've read on an I fucking love this or I fucking love that website, or in a CDC advisory, or perhaps what they've heard come out of the mouth of Dr. Paul Offit, either one of the dullest or most nefarious of vaccine industry characters, will state that there's no difference; that intramuscular injection of vaccine ingredients has the same effect on the body as ingestion of same.
    Reality: ingestion and injection are two completely different worlds. In fact, anything placed within the cavity of the human GI tract, technically speaking, is outside the body (1), a river that runs through it, while the capillary beds of the muscles, into which vaccines are deposited, and from which they're absorbed into the bloodstream (2), are deep inside. Much of what's ingested never reaches the bloodstream, and virtually all of what does has been significantly changed by the metabolic processes that take place in the cavity and walls of the GI tract and in the liver, before it enters the bloodstream (3). These molecular metamorphoses can be viewed two ways, both valid: as the essential, proper extraction of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins contained in our food; or as the essential circulatory system safeguards protecting our bloodstreams from entry of  toxins, undigested proteins and other molecules considered unfriendly (4).
    Vaccinations bypass those safeguards. They're inherently dangerous.
    To be clear, vaccines contain all of the above and more: disease antigens, typically eliminated after natural exposure by immune cells in the mucosal membranes (5); known neurotoxins; undigested food proteins, from the various animal organs used in vaccine manufacture, from contained yeast and from aborted human fetuses (6); and any number of unknown contaminants, including particles of glass (7), live bird flu virus (8), a simian virus known to be carcinogenic in lab animals (9), and a limitless list of unpredictables.